Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This weekend we took Smug-Baby to see two different Santa's. Our local history museum offers a Fantasyland throughout December and displays all these old Christmas window displays from the old downtown retailers. This was started in the 1970's and I was actually taken there when I was a child so it was fun to start this as a tradition with my daughter.

Santa told story's and sung songs and talked to all the kids about how Christmas was about giving and being with your loved ones and less about what you get. He told them about how important it was to listen to your parents and be nice to your brothers and sisters. Smug-Baby watched with rapt attention!

There was another baby there just a bit older and she fell in love with my Smug-Baby and they made friends!

Then Santa posed with each child for pictures. We let Smug-Baby take it all in and watch all the other kids talking to Santa, but when it was her turn, the result was the same. She was really freaked out!!!

After that we headed over to the office where they were having a Christmas party for the associates children. Smug-Baby fell asleep on the drive over (I guess screaming at scary Santa is tiring!!) and I figured that she would wake as soon as I got her out of the car, but she stayed asleep.

I figured that she would wake up when I laid her in Santa's lap, but she slept.

I figured she would wake up while I was snapping pictures, but she slept.

I figured she would wake up while we were taking her around the party and showing her off to our co-workers, but she slept.

She actually slept while I put her back in the car, through the drive home, while we carried the car seat into the house and for almost 2 more hours!! She was probably still feeling rough from the little fever/cold she is dealing with.

My sweet baby!!

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