Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Last Christmas, I was huge! I was uncomfortable, my back hurt, my knees ached, my feet and legs were swollen and I was waiting for my baby to join us for Christmas on this side on my stomach. This year, she was here!

I decided that I wasn't going to get her anything for Christmas. I knew that her grandmothers, all three of them, would get her stuff and there wasn't anything that she needed. She has toys and clothes and everything else and then some that a baby could need. Then I threw that silly thought right out the window and proceeded to purchase 5 different toys, 2 outfits, countless tights and socks, plastic spoons and forks, a Disney princess plate, bowl and cup and a Partridge in a Pear Treeeeeee!!

Christmas morning, I awoke at 5:15, it was dark out still and I was tired, but I knew that Smug-Baby would be awake soon and I wanted to get everything ready. I turned on the Christmas tree and found that Santa had indeed visited! Her stocking was full and all her gifts were laid out on the coffee table, arranged just so. I put a yule log DVD on the TV and Christmas carols played in the background.

Then I climbed back in bed to wait for her to wake up. Then I waited. Then I waited some more. Then I nudged her and waited some more. Finally, I fell back asleep and she woke me at 8:30 - Eight-freaking-thirty!! I don't think that she has slept that late in her whole 10 months of life!! She giggled at me and patted my face before rolling over and climbing up onto of her daddy and smacking him in the face until he woke up and hugged her. We got out of bed and looked out the window to see about an inch of snow on the ground and falling all around the house. It was White Christmas - which rarely happens here.

I got the video camera ready and he walked her down the hall. I think that she picked up on our excitement because she sat down half-way to the living room and asked her daddy to pick her up. He brought her into the living room and they started playing with the various toys and pulling things out of her stocking. Overall, while she seems to like the new toys, she wasn't overly impressed with the whole affair!

Cool Toy!

Oscar just sang to me about trash Mom!

Daddy's chocolate bar wrapper is the best give ever!!!

Daddy and I opened our gifts from each other and from family and I made breakfast. We spent the morning laying around, watching "A Christmas Story", talking and just being together as a family. In the afternoon, we packed up everything (food, gifts, etc.) and headed over to my mom's for the family get together.

The house was warm and full and happy. We ate ourselves silly and exchanged gifts. We talked and laughed and had a lovely time.

Watching the Cat

Watching whatever the cat was watching

Nerf fight!

 Direct Hit!
Frantic Reloading!

 Evasive Maneuvers

 Weapons Jamming

Still trying to get it out of the box as the battle rages all around 

Alliances are formed and the battle is soon over!

Finally, Smug-Baby had had enough and we left to head for home. She was asleep before we turned off mom's road and slept until I finally got her in the house.

You see, that lovely snow that was falling that morning, was still falling as we made our way home and we were unable to get up the hill to our house. Dad came with his all-wheel drive and we unloaded everything from our car into his and he got us up the hill and home. We unloaded everything and then bundled the baby inside. She slept through the moving of car seat, food, gifts and everything else. She slept through the slipping and sliding and bumping to get home. She slept through all the unloading and the carrying of her seat into the house and up the stairs. What woke her was sitting her seat down on the floor. She was awake and played until 11:30!!

I am very pleased overall with her first Christmas and besides some family stuff that I feel badly about, it was a really nice day. I hope that she will be more excited about Christmas next year, but probably it won't be until the year after that - but then Christmas is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!

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