Friday, January 7, 2011

Photography Class

At first I was concerned because the two other people in the class had point and shoot cameras and I was beginning to think that I had taken the beginner class and was already too advanced. I was starting to think that I was making a mistake, paying for this class and leaving Smug-Baby for a class geared to point and shoot cameras.

Then, 3 people with DSLR's walked in and I felt much better :)

The instructor began by telling us about his education and work experience and a little about what the class would cover. He did say something a little douchy - he said "I am a professional and I know a lot about a lot, so if you have a question, please, don't hesitate to ask because I am going to know the answer"  Challenge accepted!! It is now my mission in life to find a question he can't answer - LOL

Other than that, he did explain Shutter, Aperture and ISO better than I had found it explained online. Shutter is about the time that the shutter is open. How long it takes for the shutter to open and close. This determines the amount of time that the light is being let into the camera. Aperture is about the amount of light that is let into the camera. Picture a circle, a big circle will let in a lot of light and a small circle will let in a little bit of light - that is the aperture, the amount of light that is let in. ISO is what makes the inner sensor sensitive, the higher the ISO the more sensitive the sensor is to the light.

It was cool to learn just that stuff! He also talked about some of the settings of the various cameras and white balance, which I need to spend a little more time on as I am still confused about that.

I was really looking forward to doing something just for myself. Something that was just about me and my hobby and didn't have anything to do with anyone else. However, about half way through the class (its only an hour and a half!) all I could think about was getting home to my baby girl!! I hate being away from her and hate even more being away from her when I don't have to be. For work, I get it, I understand - but for a hobby!?!?!? Since she hasn't been feeling wonderful (even though she is finally starting to seem more normal), I was just worried that she would feel sick and need me and I wouldn't be there for her!

When I returned home, she was fine. She was happy and playing with daddy and super happy to see me! She nursed and nursed and nursed! Smug-Hub admitted that he had let her fall asleep for a while, so I know that we will be having a long night, but at least she is happy and getting healthy and while she was happy that I was home, she wasn't unhappy without me!!

Until next Thursday!!!

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  1. i'm excited you're doing this! I learned all that stuff by reading online but I bet it's even more helpful to hear someone say it and show you. The best thing is practice! I never shoot on auto anymore and once you get there (if you are sorry lol) you'll love it way more! Excited to see some new pics from you!