Monday, January 17, 2011

Wild and Woolly Weekend

My poor daughter has been having a totally rough time! My plan Friday was to keep her off as much of the medication as possible depending on how she was feeling. Well, she was feeling like shit and just lay on my chest moaning. When I was finally able to get some of the baby Tylenol down her, she perked up within 10 minutes. She was like a new baby! She was interacting with Smug-Grandma and Smug-Sister and while she wasn't feeling great, she was tons better!! That was it for me. I kept her dosed up on Tylenol the rest of the day and all day Saturday. I could not justify letting her feel horrible when relief was possible.

Saturday I also started the antibiotics as well as putting alcohol and breast milk in her ears as the one that had ruptured was starting to leak puss. At first I thought that it was just breast milk leaking out, but it is thick and gummy. Saturday afternoon she fell asleep in my arms and I just held her while she slept for a couple of hours and when she woke up, it had been about 6 hours since her last dose of Tylenol and I was worried because if we gave her some then, we wouldn't be able to give her more at bedtime, so I decided to try to hold off.

She did great! She didn't act like she needed it much and played and seemed to be doing OK. We got her antibiotic down with little fuss (thanks to JR for the wonderful tip on using the eye dropper instead of the syringe!!!) and then got her all ready for bed and winding down before giving more Tylenol. She ended up staying awake until about 11, but then she slept and slept and slept!! She didn't wake until 9:30 this morning!!

We did not give her any Tylenol all day! She was like her old self! She played and giggled and nursed and napped all like normal! We are currently watching football and she is playing on her own with her toys. We didn't do much with the weekend besides care for her every need, but I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders just seeing her perk up and act more normal! I feel like running through the rain or singing or hugging random people on the street! I am so full of happy now that she is feeling better!

I hope that the trend continues that she gets rid of all of this for once and for all! I'm not working for Smug-Sister tomorrow so I hope that I will be able to spend the day working on getting the house in order and the laundry finished, but mostly I just want to play with my healthy (almost) Smug-Baby!!

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  1. I can TOTALLY relate! You just get to that point of needing to get your baby relief...SOMEHOW. Does her ear puss smell? Just wondering if it's not some of the mullen you put in there.