Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ways to Workout

How do you workout with a baby crawling all over you? This afternoon, I attempted to do some sit-ups and butt presses, but it was harder than one would expect. Smug-Baby crawled over and climbed onto my chest and stomach area, making crunches pretty much impossible. I would set her on the floor with a toy and get about 3 reps in before she was back. I did manage to get about 30 crunches done before she refused to be set aside any longer.

Then I moved to all fours and began to slowly extend my leg back and up for a butt press, then bring the knee back down and repeat. Smug-Baby was crawling all around me and at one point pulled up and used my flat back as a table which she smacked with the pointy end of a chip clip until I moved and picked her up for a squeeze. Then when I went back to my butt presses, I kicked my leg back and grazed her face with my bare foot. Not enough to hurt her but enough for me to stop butt presses for the day!

So, how does one get a workout in while there is a baby around? You read about it all the time, finding "you" time and have your husband watch the baby for an hour so you can go to the gym or walk outside or workout while the baby naps. All this is good advice and good ideas, however, it doesn't work more times than it does.

Here is my situation: I am a gym person. I like the gym. I like working out on the machines and with free weights. I like to put on my iPod and work the elliptical or treadmill. When I am at home, too many other things need to get done and working out to a video or on my own always (and I mean ALWAYS) gets pushed to the back of the list. So, I need motivation, like the gym or a workout buddy, to get me moving.

I had been walking with Smug-Grandma either outside or at the mall, but since we have all been sick that has fallen by the wayside. I am sure that we will pick it back up once everything settles down a bit. However, that is not enough. I had been taking a bike ride at least twice a week, once with Smug-Grandma and once with my Dad all throughout the spring and summer, but with the weather turning so cold, that too is not really doable anymore. I had been hiking the star trail with my husband some too, but again the weather and our schedules that doesn't happen anymore either. It seemed like when the weather was nice it was easy to get outside and do something physical, but its winter and its cold and yucky!

Smug-Hub and I talked about joining the $10 gym that is near our house. It is actually open 24 hours a day throughout the week, opening like at 5am on Monday and not closing until 9pm on Friday and then is open like 7-7 on Saturday and Sunday. At $10 a month it wouldn't be a huge investment given the limited time that we have to go, however, we haven't been able to come up with a schedule of ANY available time to go!

We could trade off watching Smug-Baby on the weekends. I could go workout and then to my WW meeting on Saturday mornings and then come home and he could go workout like right before lunch or something. So that would be one day a week. He could go to the gym on the way home from work, but since he doesn't leave work until 7 or later, that puts him not getting home to have dinner with us or help get the baby ready for bed. That being said, maybe one day a week that wouldn't be so bad. I could also go to the gym before work, but that would mean getting up like at 3am to get in a workout and still get to work on time. Again, maybe one day a week wouldn't be so bad. So that would be two workouts a week. I guess that is more than we are getting now, but is it worth it??

In thinking just about myself, if I walked with Smug-Grandma one day a week and went to the gym before work one day a week and once on the weekend, that would be three workouts a week and if I attempted to do some crunches at home each day, that might actually be enough for now. Once the weather starts to get a bit nicer, I will be back out on my bike so that will be another workout a week. What do you think - is two days a week worth $10 a month?? What would do you do to motivate yourself to get some exercise? What works for you?

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