Monday, April 4, 2011

All While She Plays In The Bath

I woke up this morning more sore than I have been in a really long time. It was the kind of sore that keeps you awake! Let me back up to Friday...

Friday after working at work and at Smug-Sister's, I went home and put in the cardio dance video. I bumbled my way through all 30 minutes and was really proud of myself. Smug-Baby spent that 30 minutes tearing apart the spare room; movies in a huge pile on the floor and office supplies strewn from one end of the room to the other. However, she did entertain herself the whole 30 minutes, so that was a score! I attempted to do the muscle workout and got through arms, abs and two sets of one of my legs before she was done and ready for play time. I was not able to get back to finish it because Smug-Hub was really late getting home from work.

That night, I gave the baby a warm bath (which she was so excited about she tried to climb into the tub with her clothes and shoes on) and went through out nightly routine and she was down and out before 9pm. I was totally happy to get to bed with her as I was beat from the week. However, she tossed and turned all night. Wiggling and flipping and moaning and crying out and generally being restless all night long. I got up at one point and changed her diaper and just nursed her all night. I figure that her teeth must have been bothering her. She finally settled down into deep sleep about 2am.

Saturday morning, the alarm went off at 5 and I got up and showered and got packed for the pool. Then I got Smug-Hub up and he showered and we got the last minute stuff for the yard sale packed up and then woke the baby. She was in a really super great mood, which I thought was funny since she hadn't had much sleep. Smug-Hub took off for the yard sale site and Smug-Baby and I went to Weight Watchers for a quick weigh in before meeting him to help set up.

The yard sale site was in my dad's church parking lot and while the sun was out most of the day, the wind was horrible and kept blowing things over. I had stopped for coffee on the way over, so that was good, but I was worried about keeping Smug-Baby out in the wind. We took off for her swimming class and my Dad and Step-Mom met us out there to watch. Smug-Baby started off strong, pulling and pulling until she was in the water, splashing and kicking and having a blast. That lasted about 30 of the 40 minute class, then she was cold and tired and just hung on to me and wanted to be finished. After I got her dressed and warm, she fell asleep in the car for over an hour. I went back to helped with the yard sale, keeping an eye on her in the car.

About 11, it started to spit rain, so we packed up and dropped everything that didn't sell at Goodwill and had Mexican for lunch! We counted the loot and our total profit (which was after $10 for the sale space) was $114.50!! I was pretty happy with that!! After lunch I took Smug-Baby and ran a couple errands and Smug-Hub went to the grocery store. Smug-Baby fell asleep so I took the opportunity to do the complete muscle workout and man or man was that hard!!! You only do about 6 different moves on each leg, but you do all 6 on the first leg before switching to the other and you do 50!!! reps of each move!!!!!! I had to rest a lot!!!

After Smug-Hub got home and Smug-Baby woke up, he took over playing with her and I did the cardio workout for 30 minutes. It was harder then it had been on Friday and after my knees were really hurting. I hadn't worn the same shoes so I'm thinking that may have made a difference. After working out, I wanted to cool down a bit, so I started working on the house cleaning. My thinking was that I would still keep sweating a bit, but cool down from the high intensity workout at the same time. I think that it worked, but I ended up spending the next 2 hours cleaning and doing laundry.

Smug-Hub took the baby and went back to the grocery store for something he had forgotten and then came home and made me dinner while I finished up the housework. It was nice to have the house clean and the laundry almost complete. I took a long hot shower and bathed Smug-Baby at the same time. We were both dog ass tired and when she fell asleep at 8:20, I was perfectly content to take her and go to bed.

About 8:45, she started with the tossing and turning thing again, but this time she fully woke up and wanted to crawl around and play about 11. About midnight Smug-Hub took her into the living room so I could try and sleep, but she wasn't falling back asleep and we switched at 1 and I took her into the living room. At 2:30, she finally fell back asleep and I dragged us back to bed. I slept until about 7, when all the cramped soreness woke me. I just couldn't find a comfortable position! I got up and stretched some and then got down to the business of pancakes!

I was starving and ate like 6 pancakes! I was hoping that Smug-Hub and Smug-Baby would sleep late and I could attempt to workout again or maybe just relax with the remote for a while, but they smelled pancakes and up they got! We had a nice morning, I baked my lemon creme cake and made deviled eggs for my Step-Mom's birthday later and finished up laundry.

Then Smug-Grandma called with an update on Gramps who has declined again and we talked and cried and worried about what to do. I diced potatoes for mashed potatoes while talking to her and we discussed how he was a great war hero reduced to drooling in a wheelchair wearing a diaper and how that wasn't the way he would have wanted to spend his remaining days. We talked later in the evening and she had discovered they have been giving him some drugs that he shouldn't be taking and that may be the cause of his decline. There is a meeting with the doctors tomorrow morning (Monday) to figure out what the F*** is going on there!!

This afternoon was spent visiting with family for Step-Mom's birthday and hanging with our neighbors. Smug-Baby had such a good time playing with her cousin and with the neighbor girls and their dogs. She was walking all over and hardly dropping to crawl at all! it was so cute to watch her interact with the other kids and the animals. She had only had one nap, so I knew that she was going to be tired, but I want to make sure she is really tired. I can't have another night like last night :(

She is playing in the bath now while I type this up, she is splish-splashing and grinning at me over the side of the tub. I have already washed her, so she is just playing until she gets tired of it. It is so cute, when she is ready to get out of the tub, she will pull herself into a standing position, hold her arms out to me and make her "up" sound, which is really only a "p" sound. Then I will grab a towel and wrap her up, pick her up, and she will wrap her whole body around me, head on my shoulder. It is the best part of my day!!

Tomorrow is Monday and I work for Smug-Sister. I need to go to the grocery store and work on cooking food for the week and fit in my workout too. I am so tired from the weekend and the lack of sleep that the thought of starting the week makes me want to cry. There aren't enough hours in the days, days in the week, or time off ever to get everything done...

She is standing up, time to go!!
UPDATE: I'm leaving for work now, but thought I'd document that after her bath she was asleep withint 15 minutes and slept all night, waking only to nurse twice! Thank God! Maybe she is back to sleeping well again!! Happy Monday all!!

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