Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have been eating crap since Saturday and I feel horrible. I can't waste these leftovers and they are delicious and all, but they are all full of fat and calories not to mention dairy and my stomach has been hurting and I feel greasy all over!!

When I weighed in on Saturday morning, I was down 2.2! I was so happy to have pushed through the cycle of gaining and losing the same 1.4 over and over, then I went to Easter and I ate just a small portion of each little item that I wanted. I did overdo on the desserts a bit, but over all it wasn't a day to feel to badly about.

Then Sunday, all the leftovers came to my house and I ended up eating and eating and eating until I felt sick. Then as soon as the sick feeling started to dissipate, I would eat come more! I don't know why! I wasn't upset or overly hungry or anything. It was just there!!

I took all the food back to Smug-Sister's this morning, but then that is what we had for lunch. I again took smaller portions and didn't eat until I was sick, but it isn't good, healthy food. I need some kale stat!!

I have been trying to do some exercises each day, like Tracy Anderson's leg moves from her video. I know them by heart, so I don't need the video itself to do them. Along with some push ups and crunches, but again, it is not focused exercise time and no cardio which is what I need to burn off all this excess food!! I am going to take the girls for a long walk Tuesday (weather permitting) and try to get my heart pumping and sweat out all this junk food!

This is going to be a hard week and next week with be a WHOLE lot harder. I have a special project at work that will require a lot of my time and while I can do it from home, I still need to focus on it some and Smug-Baby has a knack for playing on her own until my attention is elsewhere and then she has to have me right then or else!!

Smug-Sister and I have lined up help for both this week and next and I hope that they will get Smug-Baby outside and if she is playing with other kids or the dog, she won't notice that I am attached to the laptop!

I really hope that I am able to turn around the overeating from the weekend and not end up with a gain at the meeting on Saturday!!

On a good note, this coming weekend is finally my trip up to NC to visit my friend and her little boy. I miss them terribly and we have loads of fun stuff planned while I'm there. I am really, really looking forward to spending some quality time with her and not being home, thinking about how I need to clean!!

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