Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Every Easter and Thanksgiving my family holds a gathering. Everyone who is able tries to make it and we all eat, laugh, eat, visit, eat and did I mention eat? There is always a concern that we will run out of food and there is always enough leftovers to eat for a few days afterward.

This year, with Smug-Sister just getting moved into her new house, the gathering was held there. I know that she stressed trying to get everything done; unpacked and in order before everyone arrived. There were members of her husband's family, our family and even Smug-Grandma and Gramps came, so there was everyone facet of family there and all the people I love most in the world gathered in one place.

There were a few people missing and I am always sad not to see them, but there is always Thanksgiving!!

Smug-Baby fell in love with her cousins and followed them around and played and explored everything. She ended up falling asleep at 7:15 Saturday night and sleeping until 8:30 Sunday morning!!!

This is a photo of the fruit arrangement that my aunt made. She is actually very talented and makes incredible cakes too!

Cousins are so cute! This little girl followed my handsome nephew around all weekend. They were inseparable!

Smug-Baby loved being part of the big kid group!

My family makes some awfully cure kids!!

This is my cousin's little girl and when she was born, my cousin saved all her baby clothes so almost everything Smug-Baby wore as a baby was worn by this little girl first. I thought it was so sweet that they connected!

Smug-Niece! Too cute for words, even though she was feeling badly - poor baby!

Just gotta love kid toes!

Sharing her eggs with Gramps! There is something lovely about the oldest generation and the youngest playing together that makes my heart dance.

"Look dad!!" Smug-Baby took her daddy all around the yard showing him everything.

I have much love for my family and this was an awesome celebration of love and family and, of course, FOOD!! I am so full I may pop!

Happy Easter everyone~


  1. Thank you thank you for sharing, since Nixon and I couldn't come down. Mahn, we sure missed out! (not that mom's wasn't awesome, it was, but you know what I mean)As triflin as it sounds, with gas being over $4 a gallon, we just couldn't make the hike to Raonoke, actually just to go to moms and back cost me more than I had in gas, since the easter bunny wiped my account out. I feel like I always miss the good stuff, but I know there are more chances in the future. I hope you guys understand that I chose moms due to poverty and also because my grandparents on her side are still around, but we don't know for how much longer, since they are in their late 70's and 80's. Anyways, thanks again for sharing. These are Great pics!

  2. I don't fault anyone for not coming. Being with your grandparents sure beats all the rest! I know!!