Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am struggling. I am not officially working for Smug-Sister this week, so I have time at home to play with Smug-Baby and work on my spring cleaning tasks and workout. However, I am not getting much of that done. I have chosen to spend the time that Smug-Baby is napping (which is only seeming to be about an hour) watching TV, reading, or otherwise enjoying "me" time.

I have not gotten any of the spring cleaning tasks done and its Tuesday night all ready! I have managed to workout both Monday and today, which was great! I did the muscle structure workout and the cardio on Monday and today have only managed to do the muscle structure work. I did about 20-25 minutes of the cardio on Monday and then had to stop because Smug-Baby found her way into the (clean, but still) toilet bowl in the downstairs bathroom. That was after she pulled all the movies off the shelves.

I do hope to do better tomorrow, and I have my neighbors oldest daughter coming over to play with Smug-Baby for an hour while I workout on Thursday so that should be ok too. If I can do the cardio during her nap tomorrow, I can get the muscle workout in while she is up. She is funny, she will actually climb on me while I do the moves and you should see me nursing while doing abs!! I am making it work, so that is something I guess.

According to my list, I should be finished with the bedroom, living room and dining room and I haven't started on any of them. Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be for the kitchen, but I think that I am just going to rearrange my list a bit and work on some of the smaller rooms the rest of this week and try to tackle these next week instead.

I have been sticking this week to my WW points, using only the activity points that I earned by working out when I go over. I ate a lot of junk over the weekend and made myself sick, so I know that I need to keep up with the workouts and eat better just to feel decent in my life, not even to lose weight, although if I don't lose weight, I will be pissed :)

Anyway, its time to get the bedtime routine underway, wish me luck in actually accomplishing things tomorrow!!

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  1. I love reading your posts, I don't think you even realize how awesome of a mother you are. as far as the getting stuff done, don't feel bad if you chose to be with Mary over doing household stuff, she will only be little once, the housework will always be there, waiting. I look up to you so very much. The weight will fall off when it's ready, took my weight 4 years, but also took me 4 years to learn to eat right and exercise. (of course stress from leaving a 9 year relationship probably played a big role in my weight loss) Anyway, don't get discouraged, spend time with your sweet girl and keep moving forward (which it sounds like you are doing).