Friday, April 1, 2011

Ready, Set, Wait...I Can't Find The Remote!!!

It has arrived! My DVD's from Tracy Anderson!! My only problem now is that I can't find the remote to the DVD player. It has actually been missing for a while, but we have been able to use the DVD player by hitting the play button manually on the machine itself. This is fine, but there isn't a button to use to scroll to the other options on the machine itself and you have to scroll down to play the cardio video on the cardio DVD. I was able to play the first section of the muscle work DVD (day 1-10) and did try some of the moves... when Smug-Baby would let me.

It wasn't scary at all! The moves are simple and the amount of reps is huge!! She also works one leg first all the way through all like 6 moves before moving to the other leg. Smug-Baby doesn't play long on her own so she kept climbing up on me and I would have to stop and attend to her for a few moments until she found something else to occupy her and I would pick back up on the moves. I just wanted to try them out a bit and get feeling a little more comfortable before I start the "real" thing tomorrow.

So, my thinking is this: We currently have a TV and DVD player in the bedroom. We haven't used in since Smug-Baby was born and don't even have cable running to that TV anymore. We want the bedroom to be a quiet, dark, peaceful place where only sleeping happens!! Also, I have just spent all this time cleaning up the downstairs room and it is big and open and had low pile carpet. Smug-Sister is going to take the queen size bed from that room for her new guest room, so that will create even more space. BTW - anyone know of someone getting rid of a twin size bed, let me know!!

I think that I will move the TV and DVD player to the big room downstairs and have that be where I do the workouts. I can split up the cardio and muscle work (each 30 minutes) and maybe even do one before work in the mornings. That would mean getting up 30 minutes earlier, but its only 30 minutes, so it should be fine. Then I only need to find 30 minutes later in the day for the other half of the workout. It will be harder on the days that I work at Smug-Sister's, but I hope that Smug-Baby will play in the exersaucer some and maybe I can do the cardio with her on my back (yikes), maybe not!! I will figure something out. I have to! I am excited about this program and excited about finally being able to work up a sweat. I will find a way!!

The eating plan that comes with the program is not workable for me. It isn't vegetarian. I know that Tracy is a fan of a vegan diet, but I am guessing she created this one with chicken and fish to appeal to more mainstream people. I think that since I am already eating a plant based diet most of the time, I will keep working the Weight Watchers side of the food things and just add this workout to my life first. If, after the first month, I am not seeing results, I will re-evaluate. Her book has a vegan food plan in it, so that is an option if necessary. I am hesitant to do that because while you may need 1/8 cup chopped celery for a recipe, you have to purchase a whole big bunch of celery and it will spoil before you use it again. I don't have that kind of money, so we try this first and see what's what!

I have been adjusting this week to going down in the amount of points I am eating. I had been at 29 points, plus 14 more for nursing points, plus the 49 weekly allowance points. That's 43 to 50 points a day and I wasn't having much in the way of results. So, I had dropped back to just 7 nursing points and I now I am dropping back to no nursing points. I have been trying to use my weekly points as fill in when I go over, but really trying to get used to what 29 points in a day feels like.

I have been eating a lot less bread, pasta and such, sticking to more plant based options. I made a white bean soup that rocked, I made a veggie bake with tofu that was really good, but needed salt and pepper and lastly I made a South Carolina BBQ Tofu dish that really had WAY WAY too much vineger and you have to eat it with a LOT of rice to cut the acid. It wasn't like it was bad, I will just need to adjust that recipe before I make it again!!

I made a tofu scramble for my breakfast this week that has been wonderful! A huge bowl, almost 2 full cups of the stuff is only 3 points!! It is full of veggies and the tofu and veggie sausage give it great protein! I haven't been hungry all week and stayed within my points for whole week. I am hoping for a loss at the scales on Saturday, but not expecting too much!

Friday is going to be a busy day. I am working for Smug-Sister and after I get home I need to clean up the garage so that it is very clear to Smug-Hub what gets loaded into the truck for the yard sale and clean enough to pull the truck into the garage after we load everything so it stays clean and dry overnight. I also need to pack up everything for Smug-Baby's swimming class, set up my workout area and do the day 1 workout. That is a lot to get done between 5 and 7!!

Saturday is going to be hectic too. Probably run by the WW meeting to weigh in quickly, but skip the actual meeting. Go over to the church where we are going to set up the yard sale stuff and help Smug-Hub get that all set up and rocking. Then, at 9 I'll take Smug-Baby to the swimming class, then back to the sale to help finish that up. Pack up at noon and take everything that doesn't sell to Goodwill. Smug-Sister is going to a Scentsy open house and I love the stuff that she has so I want to join her there for a minute. Saturday afternoon I will need to grocery shop, fit in my workout, do the cooking for Sunday's birthday party for my Step-Mother and clean the house for company! I am tried just typing all that!!

Sunday should be nice. Relaxing morning and family party in the afternoon. I will have to do the cooking for the week and do my workout. Oh and laundry! OK, so not totally relaxing, but nice anyway :)

Wish me luck - there are lots of balls in the air here and one mis-step could cause me to drop them all!!

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