Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Thank You

I don't actually think that my husband reads my blog, but this post is dedicated to him.

Last night, I felt terrible. I actually felt awful all day really, just worn down and frustrated. After getting home from work, Smug-Sister's and the grocery store, I just hit the wall. I was trying to make dinner for us and entertain Smug-Baby and just thought I was going to crash.

I realized that my left breast was feeling lumpy and hard, something that never happens anymore. I nursed and changed positions a few times, but I couldn't get the lumpy area to soften. I knew what this meant, I have had a breast infection before and while painful and totally draining, it passes withing a few hours or a day with proper treatment.

The treatment is a warm compress, gentle pressure, lots and lots of nursing in various positions and tons of rest and water. So I kept enticing Smug-Baby to nurse and Smug-Hub fixed dinner and cleaned everything up. I was feeling too sick to eat anything, so while I laid on the couch with the heating pad and a glass of water and whined.

He played with Smug-Baby on the floor and kept her happy while I zoned out for a while and tried to concentrate on anything but feeling sick. By this time, I was feeling flu like complete with a low fever, headache and blurry vision. He got the baby all bathed and put on her lotion and PJ's, brushed her hair and teeth and entertained her while I struggled through my bedtime routine.

Smug-Baby and I curled up on the couch and she nursed on the plugged side until she fell asleep and then I took her and went to bed. She seemed to know that I needed the nursing, so she was up a lot in the night, changing positions and sides and while it wasn't a particularly restful night, I did feel that little pop of the pressure during the night as the plugged breast released. My breast is still a bit sore this morning, but it isn't hard anymore and I feel slightly better.

I wish that I had the ability to take the day off from all jobs, including the mom thing and sleep, but mostly I am so grateful that my husband stepped up and took over without my having to ask. At no point was there even a question, he saw that I was feeling poorly and just took over and got everything done! I got up early this morning to try to get the house picked up and wash the dishes, but he had done them all!! I know he had a massive headache himself last night, but he took care of everything.

I love you honey! Thank you for being the best husband ever!!

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  1. this is EXACTLY why you married him, because he is your partner and obviously LOVES you as he should. How lucky you are! (I think he knows he's lucky too)