Friday, February 10, 2012


I pulled out the sheet where I kept track of my weight gain when I was pregnant with Smug-Baby and I am gaining more slowly this time around, but not by too much. I am also not having any swelling yet with Little-Smug and I was by this point with Smug-Baby.

Maybe this is because I am walking more this time and more active in other ways simply because I am chasing a toddler around; maybe its just because every pregnancy is different. I weigh about the same now at 23 weeks as I did when I got pregnant with Smug-Baby, so perhaps having a little less excess weight to begin with is making a difference too.

I don't want to get into too much comparing because every pregnancy is different and to compare myself to others in terms of weight gain or belly size would just be silly. I really shouldn't even be comparing myself to myself!!

I met a women yesterday and I thought "I bet she is due about the same time I am" so I asked her and she is due next week!! Our belly's are the same size!!! She is almost finished and I am only half way!! I must be huge, I must look like a house!! Then I stopped. She is smaller person than I am, her body is way different and to compare our belly's just makes me feel like there must be something wrong with me. It's funny, it never occurred to me to think that her belly was too small...

I read posts on Baby Center and Baby Zone and the like and people are always asking each other how much weight they have gained or belly measurements. I just worry that people are focused on the wrong thing! Is your doctor happy with your gain/measurements? Then, let it be!! Thinking that this person only gained 12 pounds their whole pregnancy isn't going to make you feel wonderful that you have gained 12 and are only 23 weeks you know??

I do like feeling like I am somehow in a better place than I was with Smug-Baby simply because, since she is so perfect, if I am having and even healthier pregnancy then it might ensure that Little-Smug is just as perfect. Silly, but I like it!

Off to bed with my tired little Smug-Baby. She has done really well today, napped for 3 hours and played like she wasn't feeling badly at all, but now that it is about bed time, she is starting to fall apart and Smug-Hub isn't going to do. She wants Mama and who can argue with that?!?!?

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