Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have been working today on finding all the important details of our financial life and putting together a document for Smug-Hub. I generally handle all the bills and make sure that everything gets paid and juggle all the bills with the need for food and gas. He doesn't get involved much, unless I am having an issue or there is a larger decision to make (can we afford payments on a new bed, or how should we use our income tax refund). I run all the money... And then I got to thinking about my own mortality.

I am going to have a baby. Last time, I had a baby, I hemorrhaged and could have died. I want to make sure that my family is going to function if something terrible happens to me - during childbirth or anything else!

So, I am putting together a list of all the links to pay things online, along with the user names and passwords, security questions and any other details I can think of for all our monthly bills. I want Smug-Hub to be able to take over paying the bills and managing the accounts without issue if, for some reason, I am no longer able to do it.

Part of me feels like this is morbid, but the larger part of me feels like this is the smart thing to do - hope for the best, plan for the worst!

It has gotten me thinking about what else I should be collecting into one place for him and what we should collect from him in case something happens to him instead of me.

I am also thinking about needing to make up a will or at least a document about what we would like done if we should die in regards to our children. I remember thinking that I would wait until Smug-Baby was born and then get working on the will and stuff, but I never got around to it.

I think that I need to pull out Women and Money again and start getting myself and my family on the right financial track. We need wills, we need plans and we need to know the important stuff that the other handles in case something happens to one of us.

Anything could happen at anytime, so we all need to do this and get ourselves prepared in case the worst does happen. What are you doing or have done to be prepared??

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