Friday, September 17, 2010

13 Million Ought To Cover It

I lay awake last night for a bit, thinking about how good I'm going to look and feel once I put my get healthy plan into action. I thought about all the new clothes I'm going to need and how much more energy I'm going to have. I thought about how certain people I know will be jealous of how great I look when I get healthy. Then I thought about how, once I'm thinner and healthier, I will suddenly have more money and be able to do all the projects around the house that I want to get done.

Then I decided that it would be better to get the money by winning the lotto or finding some long lost artifact, like a missing collection of Thomas Jefferson's books, to sell for a couple million.

Then I thought that a collection of Thomas Jefferson's books would sell for a lot, because all the museums would be trying to outbid each other and I think that we could probably get about 13 million for these books and that since we would have to pay taxes on that money, we would probably only end up with about 8 million.

Then I decided that I need to figure out what to do with all that money. It is a truly staggering amount after all and I wouldn't want to nickel and dime it all away.

So, I would pay off the house and student loan. I would build an addition onto my house so that we could live there forever and never run out of space. I would finish all the little projects and get all hew appliances. I would pay off the car and get Smug-Hub the land rover about which he has been dreaming. I would pay off my sister's house and buy her a new one (closer to me, since the 12 minutes away that she lives now is just too much in my opinion). I would then pay off all my dad's debt (house, cars, boat, etc.) and set up a trust fund for my brother (cause he would probably blow the whole wad on tattoos) and make sure that my mom had money each month for the rest of her life. Lastly, I would give $500,000 to each of my in-laws. The rest of the money would be invested in both high and low risk investments and a fund set up for Smug-Baby's college, wedding, first house, etc.

That would about cover it! I would still work and I think that Smug-Hub would want to still work too. I have never wanted to be rich, just stable enough not to have to worry!

So, see what getting healthy can do? I'm sure that once I start eating better consistently and working out everyday, I will very soon stumble across the long lost collection of Thomas Jefferson's books and all my financial problems will be over :)


  1. Great visualization! You are very very generous! I now need to check in with my friend to see if our lotto ticket won..:)