Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Morning!

I spent a lot of the day yesterday looking for my sunglasses. I knew that I had them on my face when we got home from the Williamsburg trip, and I knew that I normally place them at the top of the stairs, so that I will always be able to find them. Well, since I have been off my routine, anything is possible and I could not find them yesterday morning when I needed to leave for work. I looked around, but needed to leave so thought I would find them later.

I straightened up the whole house, checked under the couch and the bed, searched the car. I started cleaning up all the clutter of mail and dirty dishes and toys until the house is just about as clean as not dusting or running the vacuum can make it. Then I had a thought.

A few months ago, I lost my sunglasses and it turned out that my step-mother had picked them up by accident when she had been visiting as they look similar to hers. So, I remembered this incident and realized that she had been here Sunday night for the Cowboy/Redskins game (yeah, we took it, we won, we rule!!). So, I called her and left a message explaining that I really hoped she had them because I had torn the house apart and they were no where to be found.

She arrived on my doorstep, my sunglasses in hand about an hour later. She said that when she had gotten my message she had been a little insulted that I would think her capable of taking sunglasses not her own again. Then she went to her car and found both pairs. She said she was very sorry she kept stealing from me and we all had a good laugh.

I am dehydrated. I spent most of the day yesterday with my clingy baby. I loved it really, she just wanted her mama and no one else would do. She would cry out if I left her sight and it took a crazy amount of time to unlatch her when she fell asleep nursing so that I could get up and do something else for a bit. Her naps where short all day and when she awoke she only wanted me. I think that these last few weeks of being out of sync are catching up with her... that and her teeth probably are hurting.

She nursed a lot, which was great and nursed or stayed latched on most of last night. When I first started nursing her as an infant I noticed that when my milk let down, I would get really, really thirsty. Like going to die thirsty. Like mouth full of sawdust thirsty. That hasn't happened in a while, but I was really thirsty all day yesterday, all night and thus far this morning.

I think that the fact that I haven't been drinking as much water as I normally do could have something to do with this very dry feeling. Again, being off the routine has messed with everything, even my ability to remember to have water close at hand. I normally have this big cup with a lid and straw they gave me in the hospital and I keep it full all day. I haven't filled it in almost two weeks.

I also feel emotionally dehydrated. I feel as clingy to my baby as she is to me. I know that I talked in my last post about how having my MIL is wearing on me and I will be glad to get my routine back once she leaves. However, I feel like having gotten all that stuff off my chest in yesterday's post, I am able to be more objective and more gracious. I also think that just being home and holding onto Smug-Baby has much as I did helped ease some of that frustration. Now, I just feel drained. I don't feel angry at Smug-Hub anymore, or resentful of my MIL's presence in the house. Like I said before, she is a totally lovely person and I truly love her deeply and getting all that stuff out in a post yesterday really helped.

I am also really looking forward to starting my diet and exercise plan on Friday. I have been making a list of everything that I want to do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This includes working out and getting the house clean, along with shopping for healthy foods and doing some cooking and prep work to make sticking to a new clean eating plan easier.

I have been visualizing how thin and healthy I will be in a few months. I have also been visualizing how all our financial worries will be a thing of the past too, but winning the lotto is probably not going to happen since I never buy a ticket :) I am excited to start feeling better and looking better and to have my jeans fall down because they truly are too big for me and not because they are stretched out due to being worn too many times before a washing :)

So, here is to a clean house, a clean body and a clean mind!! 


  1. Here here! And I totally get that 'i'm going to die' thirsty feeling every time my milk lets down too. :)

  2. Good luck on getting fit and in shape! Way to make it happen.

    And good to know that Jenna isn't the only one who almost dies of dehydration every time her milk lets down. You would think the world had stopped spinning.