Friday, September 24, 2010

Smug-Baby at 7 Months

My sweet and darling girl is now fully 7 months old and I can't believe how the time has flown by. She is such a joy to spend my days with and I love her more than I even thought it was possible to love someone.

At 7 months she has begun to say "da da da da" which Smug-Hub takes to mean Daddy and is thrilled! When I make "ma ma ma ma" sounds at her she only smiles and laughs and does not care to repeat my words.

She has learned to play pat-a-cake (or as we say it "patty-cake") by clapping her hands together and will even sometimes make a "take take" sound. I am convinced that while the "da da da" and the "how" sounds are like words to us, this "take" sound is the first sound that she is associating with an action. She knows that this sound goes with this action. It is very cool to watch.

She is commando crawling all over the house. She was in the living room the other day and I was washing dishes. I looked around to check on her and she was in the dining room, then for a few minutes she was in the kitchen before heading down the hall to explore her bedroom. It is funny, the two bedrooms are right across from each other, but she chooses her bedroom (which she has never slept in or even taken a nap in). It is brighter and gets more sun than our bedroom. Yesterday, she crawled into her bedroom, rolled onto her back and entertained herself for a while by clapping her hands together and making cute noises (talking to herself).

She watches us eat very closely. She watches us pick up a bite, follows it to our mouths, watching us chew and swallow and follows the fork back to the plate. She is also very intensely watching us when we brush our teeth, we are not sure why this is so interesting but to her it is.

I have started to wipe her mouth with a cold wet cloth at night to "brush" her teeth too as she now has her two front bottom teeth. they are so cute and still really small. I have been unable to get a picture of them because every time I pull her chin down to open her mouth and get a look at them, she sticks out her tongue!

I started watching Eureka on the SyFy and she totally loves the opening theme music. No matter what she is doing, when that music starts she stops and looks at the TV until the song is over. She actually really likes the Warehouse 13 music too, so I wonder if they are composed by the same person (people).

She still loves the ice water glass and has taken to sticking her face in the glass at the top and will even drink some of the water and eat some of the ice. We make sure that the ice is very, very small so she won't choke and/or it would melt before causing harm.

She still gets excited when her Daddy gets home. She will hear the garage door open and close, then she will look expectantly at the stairs, craning her neck in an effort to see him coming. She makes this throaty noise when she sees him that is part laugh and part excited howl and if he doesn't come directly to her and hold her, she will cry with bitter disappointment. Smug-Hub has taken to taking off his badge, sunglasses and shoes before alerting her to his presence so he can get right to the holding!

She seems to love it most when all three of us are together. When we are all able to hang out in bed, like on a weekend, she wakes giggling, turning from first one of us to the other, touching our faces and giving wet kisses! She reaches out for me when Daddy is holding her and then reaches right back for him, so we have started standing really close together, so she is, in effect, in both of our arms at the same time and she loves that! 

The biggest development is walking. That's right, she is walking. She started pulling herself up on our hands and then on furniture and just in the last week or so has been able to get herself up without help. Last night, she pulled herself up on the overturned laundry basket and, holding on, moved herself to the entertainment center and then moved herself across the front of that to her little toy box, where she dropped to her knees and started pulling out and playing with toys. She walks while holding on to things, but she has balanced on her own two feet for a few seconds at a time too. Smug-Hub feels like she will be walking on her own in no time!


  1. I can't believe she's this old already either. good lord! And almost walking? What a smart girl :)