Friday, September 3, 2010

Many Babies

I have a large family. I have a really large, loving, crazy family! My sister and I had baby girls 6 months apart, but we have a cousin who's wife had a baby almost 3 months ago as well as another cousin who is due in December and yet another cousin who's girlfriend gave birth to a girl just about a year ago. There is a definite family baby boom!

We were all gathered Wednesday and Thursday for our cousin's funeral and it was odd to see all the people that I played with as a child playing and wrestling and wrangling their own children. I remember us being the ones running up and down the halls, playing hide and seek, sneaking food from the refreshments table and otherwise being a kid.

I would like to think that Tammy is up there, watching all of us gathered in her honor, holding on to each other and loving each other. I hope that she is able to send some comfort to those taking her loss the hardest and I hope that she is at peace and no longer fighting her demons.

I hope that she is looking down at the next generation of our family and bathing them in love and light. All these babies, all this love. It warms my heart!   

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