Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recipes and Getting Back on the Horse

I spent the day working on laundry and going through the stack of papers containing all the recipes that I have collected over the years. I tossed out the duplicates and ones that I don't use anymore or have never used. I have this stack of papers now that I want to turn into a nice recipe book. The thing is, I can't figure out the best way to do this. They are all different sizes from full sheets to multiple pages to little index cards of varying sizes. I think that I am going to have to type up each one in Word and then print them out. The upside to this is that I can create a table of contents and always be able to find what I am looking for as well as having it saved electronically so I can reprint a page if it gets stained to torn. The downside is the time consuming task of typing them all up!! Any thoughts or ideas??

This recipe project is the last major thing that needs to be organized in the main living area of my house. All the closets and drawers and everything have been gone through and are in order. I just need to maintain them and keep everything clean going forward.

The downstairs is another story and still needs a ton of work, both construction and organization and while I am looking forward to having it done, it is daunting! It's just nice right now to feel like something major is almost complete!

In other news, my sweet daughter seems unfazed by her fall the other day. She was pulling up and walking herself around furniture all day, stretching to reach and getting right back up every time she hit the floor. I love that she is so determined to get where she wants to go and she is not scared to fall and have to try again.

Yesterday a friend came to visit and when Smug-Baby heard the door open, she grabbed my hands and walked really quickly to the stairs to see who was there. She is just such a joy to watch as she learns and tries and grows. I give thanks everyday for having her in my life and being so blessed!

Take a moment today to think about all that you have and all the blessings in your own life. There is so much wonderful out there!!!

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