Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plastic is Offensive??

I have a friend who, like me, has recently returned to work and is pumping. She, like me, is only pumping once a day as she only works part time. She e-mailed me yesterday to let me know that she was in shock. She was told by her boss that some of her co-workers were offended or uptight about her pump parts sitting exposed in her cubical. She keeps them separated on a paper towel to dry and since she leaves the office before they are 100% dry, they generally stay that way. Again, in her cubical, not in the break room or even in the pumping room, her own private cubical. So, she was asked to put them away in a drawer or cover them with a box, so others would not be offended.

I am offended for my friend! There is so much to be upset about here!! First, that people (or a person) would even feel offended by little pieces of plastic is somewhat amazing to me. In order to be offended, one would have to look at the pieces of plastic and know what they were used for, then in thinking about what they are used for, thoughts turn to boobies and boobies are bad!!! Boobies are not for feeding and nourishing a child, but for sex and sex is bad!!! By this same logic, people may become offended that she has pictures of her child hanging in her cubical, because the way she got those pictures was to have a child and to have a child, she had to have had... OMG!!! SEX!!! Oh the horror!!!

Then there is the fact that now, she told me she is looking at all her co-workers in a new light - who is hiding behind their smile and their "Good Morning" who was so offended by plastic that they felt the need to complain about it and not even have the courage to talk to my friend directly, but to make her boss talk to her about it. Add to that, the fact that the powers that be, felt it was enough of a complaint that they would rather my friend be offended, than tell this person that they were being silly and totally ridiculous!!

My friend told me that she is offended by clutter and she would like to complain about the people who leave their desks cluttered all the time! She is also offended by the half-naked men on the calendar one women has in her cubical and she is totally offended by the religious sayings and artifacts in another cubical. We laughed about this as it is totally unprofessional to antagonize the situation by stooping to that silly level, but it is crazy to be offended by plastic!

OK, now you may want to stop reading here and not scroll down any further, because I am going to paste in a picture of my friend's pump parts, all assembled and all taken apart so you can judge for yourself how offensive they look. Beware, again, if you scroll down, you are going to see plastic and it is going to make you think about boobies!!!

OK, Last warning!! I mean it!!



  1. I really wish people would mind their own business and get over breastfeeding already. It's natural and NOT dirty and I can't believe it's still looked down on or seen as something sexual. WTF!

  2. Oh man that picture is disgusting!! Seriously people need to get over themselves. It's just a boob.