Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reviews and Falling

I watched The Killers yesterday and I was really hoping it would be good. I was pretty much wrong. The trailer showed some cute and funny stuff, but it seems that those clips were about the only cute and funny parts. The storyline was crap and while Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher had some decent chemistry on screen, their relationship wasn't well developed and so you didn't really feel anything for them and even the side people were kind of silly. The story is basically about this guy and girl who meet and fall in love. He is a government agent who kills people, but when he meets the girl, he decides that he doesn't want to kill anymore and wants to settle down. Jump to three years later and he hears from his old boss and suddenly everyone in his life starts trying to kill him. All their friends and neighbors and co-workers - everyone!! They jump from one life and death fight to another, with Katherine Heigl screaming and not knowing how to hold a gun and not able to follow simple instructions. In one scene, she is using the bathroom (to take a pregnancy test) and the water and a radio are both on. Ashton is fighting for his life on the other side of the bathroom door and she is in there, calling out to him, but fails to turn off the water or the radio - stupid! I wouldn't waste your time watching this movie!

The other thing I did yesterday was look at a few assisted living facilities here locally for my grandfather. He will be coming here from Florida. The first one I looked at was really nice, with a cute outdoor area, and smiling residents. A bunch of them gathered around to make faces and Smug-Baby and she graced them each with a smile. The place seemed clean and they offered lots of activities including, Wii-bowling, readings of the newspaper, movies and popcorn on Saturday's, bingo, Sunday football and daily exercise. The rooms are like a hotel room, with a large living area and a good sized bathroom.

The second place I went to look at, had a distinct smell that hit me as soon as I walked in, like chemical cleaner and flowers. I didn't care for it. Then the women I talked to said that she would not be able to let me take a tour until later in the week, because the lady that did the tours was off that day. This also put me off - there isn't one person in the building who could show me around?? A nurse? A cleaning staff member? No one?? I am talking about giving your company three to five thousand dollars a month, want to show me a little love??? Then I drove around the outside and there is no outdoor space, no flower, benches, fountain, nothing. So, I crossed them off my list.

The last place I went was a small 20-25 resident facility and while there was a small amount of charm due to the ancient age of the building, I was shocked at how bad it was!! The place was cooled by window AC units, the dining room consisted of 4 tables with chipped Formica, the TV rooms had large TV's and old couches in which the stuff was held inside by duct tape. The rooms were large enough for a twin bed and maybe a night table. This facility had a shower room, where all the residents are bathed, I got the feeling like they rounded them all up and hosed them down. it was really disgusting.

By the time I left Smug-Baby had had it with me and cried until we got home. I nursed her while I watched the movie and then she played on the floor. She is pulling herself up on everything now and is walking herself around all the furniture in the room. It is equally amazing and scary to watch her get to the edge of a table or something and reach out with her fingertips for the next surface. I was watching her reach, when her grip slipped and she fell over and bumped her hard against the front of the TV cabinet. I grabbed her and she cried and cried, a red bump forming on the side of her forehead. I got some ice for her bump and nursed her and she soon calmed and soon after that slept. I just held her in my arms while she slept. I felt so guilty about letting her fall, like I should have been watching her most closely. I worried that the bump was bad, causing brain damage. I tried to forgive myself, babies fall and I don't want to be one of those mothers who never lets their baby explore because getting hurt is possible, but my baby was in pain, with a bump on her head and it happened on my watch. Smug-Hub says that he understands and does not blame me, but is still sorry it happened. I know that I would be pissed at him if he let her fall even though I know that I didn't watch her fall or push her or anything. I just feel conflicted. I know I can't protect her from everything and she has to be free to push her limits and fall and get back up and try again, but I want her to always be safe and happy and never in pain. 

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  1. It sucks because this is the 1st of many times she'll get hurt and you couldn't help her avoid it. I feel like Livie falls even more because I'm busier than I was with Hannah. It happens. Try not to beat yourself up about it :)