Friday, February 18, 2011

Big Plans

I have big plans for tomorrow! We get paid, so I will be able to get gas in the cars and get the last few things I need for Smug-Baby's birthday party on Saturday. I got a call tonight that my aunt is sick with a head cold and does not feel up to making the trip. This makes me sad but I understand and don't want a sick person kissing on my baby girl!

Tomorrow, I am going to get the cake baked and some other food prepped. I am going to get the house cleaned and the laundry done. I also received a call that Gymboree is having a sale, so I may run out there and see if I can find something totally adorable for Smug-Baby to wear for her birthday. I actually have several outfits that would be great for the occasion, but it never hurts to look at what else is out there, right?!?!

I am going to get all the bills paid and the menus and the grocery list put together. I am going to finish washing diapers and try to do something about the mess that the downstairs room has become!!

I also plan on spending a lot of time hugging and kissing the birthday girl!! Actually, screw all that other stuff, I may just spend the whole day kissing on her until she pushes me away!!

Happy weekend everyone!!

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