Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weight Loss Frustrations

Well, I have been following the Weight Watchers program for three weeks now and have done nothing but gain weight. I lost 13 pounds on my own and now, following a specific weight loss plan have started gaining. That sort of pisses me off!!

Here is the thing, people are telling me that I have lost weight and that I look skinny! I even had to tighten my belt another notch, so how can the scales show a gain?? I wonder if my boobs were just full!! TMI? OK, sorry :)

I ended up feeling really frustrated about it and eating crap all weekend. I figured that if I was going to gain anyway, I might as well enjoy myself. However, I do know that eating crap is not what I want to do and I felt horrible afterward, so I am back to tracking points this week.

I also think that I may start tracking on Spark People too, just to see how my ranges stack up against the WW plan. I also think that I need to cut out the nursing points. People think that because you are nursing you need to eat more and perhaps I do need a bit more than normal, but God did design our bodies to handle nursing and I went the first two weeks of Smug-Baby's life hardly eating anything because they don't allow food in the NICU and I was sick with worry and I produced wonderful milk, so I am not worried about it. I also walked about 45 minutes with Smug-Grandma and did some crunches, push-ups, leg lifts and butt presses. That was in addition to chasing my daughter around the house and playing with her for a couple of hours.

I really believe that working out/exercising/sweating is going to be the key for me to turn this all around. I am so chomping at the bit to get outside and start riding my bike again and taking hikes up to the star. I loved taking Smug-Baby outside last spring/summer/fall and she loved it and would sit for hours watching things go by while I biked away!

I need some ideas of things to do inside! I don't have the money to join a gym, or the time to go to a gym if I joined one, so treadmill, swimming, classes, etc. are out. I don't have the motivation, or space to do a video (not to mention, Smug-Baby would be underfoot making following a routine impossible). I walk at the mall some, take the stairs always, have played Wii with my nephew some, but nothing consistently and nothing enough to get a good sweat going.

People always say to find something that you love - well, I love biking the Greenway!! But I can't take my baby out in 34 degree weather and ride the bike!! What else??


  1. I totally understand! My issue isn't weight loss necessarily, but I know it isn't healthy to sit on my bum all day. Now my toes have gotten slowwen and itchy because I never walk or do much of anything physical (well strength traingin yes, i have a 23 lb kid! just not cardio) so I know I need to get in gear. But it's so DANGED cold! When it was warm last weekend it reminded me of how much I love the outdoors...watching people fishing on the lake made me itch to go shrimpin' in the low country. Not much longer!!!!

  2. i'm doing WW and I've learned that the 49 flex points a week aren't gonna work for me. I usually lose 1.5 to 2 lbs a week when I've done it before. This time on the new system I only lost .5 the first week SO this week I cut my 49 down to 25 to see if that helps. I also started working out again. I think cutting out the nursing points is a good start at least. I think they give too many points with the new system BUT otherwise I love it!