Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Recap

 My baby girl is officially one year old. We spent the day together as a family. We woke up and cuddled in bed and made some breakfast and played on the floor with her new toys and watched some cartoons.
We installed her new front-facing car seat and adjusted the front passenger seat so that a grown up human could sit up there and we all took off for the mall. 

We stopped off at Target and used a gift card to get her a temporal thermometer and a few other things that we needed.

Then we went to Olin Mills to see if her pictures were ready and as you can see they were ready!

All this activity tuckered out the birthday girl and she napped in the stroller for a bit while Mama shopped for some skinny jeans. I was so happy about going down two sizes and how good they looked! Smug-Hub kept making comments about how good I looked and I was feeling really happy about it all!

 After the mall, we had some lunch at Panera and Smug-Baby has some veggies and some soup and waved at everyone and smiled at everyone and everyone there was charmed into puddles!

 After all that we headed downtown to Orvis because daddy is having a love affair with that retail store and we talked with all the employees about Smug-Baby's birthday and she walked all around the store, messing with displays and pulling clothes off the shelves. I am sure that they were glad to see us go!

After we got home, we made Pot stickers and had an impromptu party after calling Smug-Grandma and Smug-Sister to come over and share. Between all of us we downed 80 pot stickers and were all left feeling like we could have eaten 80 more!

After the family left, we gave Smug-Baby her birthday gifts from us. They included two board books featuring Elmo, a squishy Elmo doll and a set of closed foam building blocks, which were a huge hit!

 We spent some time stacking blocks and Smug-Baby would knock them down and giggle.

Then it was Naked Baby Time. The clothes and diaper came off and a wild and free baby crawled around the house with the greatest of ease! 

She did some laps around the kitchen holding on to Mama's hand before deciding that she was tired and ready to call it a night.

The trauma of putting a new diaper on commenced along with pajama's.

Then, Mama brushed Smug-Baby's teeth and washed her face. Then Smug-Baby watched Mama brush her own teeth and wash her own face.

 Daddy took baby girl with him to pull the covers back and turn on the nightlight while Mama finished getting in her PJ's too.

Mama and Smug-Baby played with the blocks some more and watched a little bit of cartoons while Daddy cleaned up the kitchen.

Mama and baby snuggled down into the rocking chair and nursed. Smug-Baby's eye's closing immediately.

 Then shooting open, she wasn't ready to sleep just yet! She pulled off and sat up to watch TV.
Mama read Smug-Baby a bedtime story and when she was ready she latched on again.

But soon she pulled off again, not wanting to surrender to sleep.

Finally, after perhaps wanting to prolong her first birthday for as long as possible, my sweet baby love drifted off to sleep!

Happy Birthday my girl!! I love you to the moon and back!!

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