Friday, February 4, 2011

How I Met Your Father

I started reading "Black Heels to Tracker Wheels" last night, although I only got through the first chapter before I was called back to being mommy, but it got me thinking about how fate sometimes steps in when you least expect it and changes your whole world.

I met my husband about a year before we started dating. He says that he noticed me right away, but I don't remember when I actually met him, he was just around and we talked occasionally, mostly about things work related and I didn't think about him at all. I actually thought about trying to set him up with my friend because he was such a nice guy.

You see, I had just gotten out of another horrible relationship and had decided that my dreams of being a wife and mother were not meant to be and I should stop trying to force it. I decided to go back to school and get my business degree. I had been on a few disastrous dates and figured that God was trying to tell me to give it up, marriage wasn't going to happen for me and I need to get happy with that idea.

So, that's what I did. I spent that first year, hanging with friends, getting really into cooking, taking night classes, reading and generally having a good time with myself. I was not wallowing in self pity thinking about the family that I wasn't going to have. I was genuinely happy with my life.

One day at work, my boss at the time told me that he knew of someone who had a crush on me and thought that I should give this person a chance. However, he wouldn't tell me who it was and I had visions of some greasy dock worker with no teeth. A few of my co-worker/friends had some thoughts on the subject but also refused to name names. The only person who came to mind that I thought I wouldn't mind was Smug-Hub! That thought was really strange to me, that I wouldn't mind going on a date or even going on a date with someone at work.

However, I saw Smug-Hub a few times over the next few days and he never said anything about going out or anything, so I figured it wasn't going to turn out to be him. Then my boss asked if anyone would like some time off before our peak season because he wouldn't be approving any time off from then (early September) until after January. I jumped at the chance to have a weekend off and a co-worker jumped right in and offered to work my shift. I should have thought that this was strange, but at the time I was simply happy to have the time off.

The following day, I saw Smug-Hub in the hall and we got talking about restaurants. He had only been living in our town for about a year and didn't know all the great places yet he said. He mentioned that he really wanted to try this Japanese place, but didn't want to go alone. I offered to go with him, even going so far as to suggest going with a group. He said that sounded fun and when did I have in mind. My upcoming day off came to mind and we set a date.

He gave me his number and suggested that when I got off work that very night to call him. I tucked the number away and didn't call. He expressed disappointment that I hadn't called when I saw hm the following week and as the week progressed the people I was thinking would join us for dinner Saturday night started to fall away. Again, I never suspected anything. Finally, he suggested that we get together Friday evening to watch a movie and talk. We never got to the movie because we were talking so much. I had made some calzone's and he loved them! He kissed me that night and I woke the next day; the day of our first date, excited, but scared too. I began to question the wisdom of dating someone at work, of dating at all!! I almost canceled several times during that day, but at the same time I went shopping for something really great to wear.

The evening rolled around and I went to pick him up and meet his roommates and off to dinner we went. Now, I had told my friend about the date and how I was excited and so on. This got her thinking that she would very much like Japanese food for her birthday dinner, so she was there with several of her friends when Smug-Hub and I arrived. To make matters worse, I had met her through my ex-boyfriend, so a lot of her friends were his friends too! I was very uncomfortable! We ended up joining their table and Smug-Hub talked with everyone like he had known them forever. This helped put me at ease and after dinner we went back to my place with a couple tubs of Ben and Jerry's and watched movies and talked until he both fell asleep. I got up at some point and went to my bed for the rest of the night.

The following morning we went to breakfast and then I took him home before I had to go into work. We saw each other for a few more dates and suddenly I was in love. I was shocked to find that I was in a relationship! The time flew by and before I knew it we were moving into together and planning for our wedding. I had finally found the love and respect that I had thought I wasn't meant to have. Now, I get to wake up to his loving face every morning and fall asleep next to his warm body every night.

You know what's even better though? Waking up and spending my day looking at this:

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