Monday, February 14, 2011


This was a truly lovely weekend. It began with being off work from my sister on Friday so I was able to get the house cleaned, the laundry washed, dryed, folded AND put away, I made menus starting with the points for each item and detailing snacks and everything. I made a grocery list and everything!!

Saturday, I weighed in. I only lost 0.6, but with all the PMS I have been feeling this week, I really was expecting a gain, so that was good. The only thing was this one lady that works there fussed at me and was snotty. See I am an at work WW participant, but I don't attend that at work meetings because I have left the office for the day before the meetings take place. So, I attend all my meetings at this other location. Each week, they have to adjust me to a prepaid status when they log my weight in the computer. This has never been an issue, but this one pissy chick got all bent out of shape about it and canceled everything and made me weigh again and told me in a very snotty voice that I needed to tell them I was an at work before wasting her time.

So, I noticed that my gain/loss amount wasn't recorded, so I went to talk to the leader and told her what had happened and that I didn't appreciate being yelled at at 7am on a Saturday morning and she talked to another girl who has weighed me before and then the bitchy girl came over and was snotty to everyone, but they all pretty much ignored her and said that they would mark on my sheet to enter me at prepaid (which is what they had been doing all along), so the weight would be recorded correctly. It wasn't fun to deal with a bitch early in the morning, but everyone else was nice, so I let it all go.

I also talked to Smug-Hub about doing the points with me. He has been trying to watch what he is eating and has been slowly losing weight over the last year. I thought it might be nice for us to do it together so that we support each other. He is thinking about it.

Anyway, after I got home, Smug-Hub left to do some fishing and I read a bit until Smug-Baby woke and then we played and nursed and did laps around the kitchen until lunch time. Smug-Hub got home and we all went out to Olive Garden for our Valentine's Day lunch (since we won't have time Monday and didn't want to fight crowds at the dinner hour all weekend). Smug-Baby was happy the whole time and I had Minestrone soup (2 points) and salad (5 points) and I'll admit a couple of bread sticks (8 points), but overall did well and didn't over eat.

Then we went over to my dad's and Smug-Baby napped in my arms while we visited and when she got up I took her over to the bowling ally as my MBA classmates were getting together and I wanted to show off my baby!! I was about 15 minutes late and was the first one there and over the next hour 3 more people showed up, but by then Smug-Baby was getting ancy and I had to leave.

Saturday evening was spent at home as a family and it was lovely.

I woke Sunday morning with thoughts of Smug-Baby's birthday party in my head. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I took a run to Wal-Mart while they slept. I found a cupcake tower for $5 and also read that the boxed cake mix and cans of icing are all dairy free. They are full of loads of crap, I mean they are nothing but crap, but no dairy AND Smug-Baby isn't going to be eating much, if any, of it this year. So I decided to do cake mixes this year and save my expensive ingredients for next year when she really will be eating more. So, I am going to do cupcakes along with her #1 cake pan. All in pink and brown!!

After I got home we headed out to breakfast and I had eggs and hash browns (11 points) and then did some more party shopping and grocery shopping.

Then we drove out to see a friend of mine who was moving and I felt so badly that we were not able to stay and help them move. From what I understand, they had a bunch of help all lined up, but most of it fell through and they have to be out today, so they will be forced to kill themselves to get it all done. Smug-Baby was tired and we were meeting a friend and his wife so we only stayed like 30 minutes and I felt so bad that we had to leave!!

Smug-Baby slept all the way home and though the visit with Smug-Hub's friend, which was nice for her, but I would have liked to have slept with her, but couldn't - you know, company!!

Anyway, the rest of the evening has been nice and laid back. I spent some time making breakfast and lunched so the week and getting everything measured out and ready to go, so I hope that this week will be a good one!!

I hope everyone had as nice a weekend as I did!!

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