Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Planning takes a lot of work!! I planed out all my food this week and did some cooking and measuring of portions this weekend, so that I would have it easy during the week. I like that all I have to do is grab some containers from the fridge and counter and I have all the food ready for the day. It takes all the guess work out of it and I can track the whole day in the morning and know what points I might have left at the end of the day. This way I know if I can have a little piece of chocolate before bed :)

I like all of this except spending Sunday in the kitchen putting everything together. Also, I tend to get bored with stuff, so I am hoping that I don't get tired of peanut butter apples mid week or something. Besides that small downside, I am really feeling like I am finally following the WW program like it was intended.

They say that you just have to eat the allotted points and you can eat anything you want as long as you stay within those points. However, that isn't REALLY the way that the program works. You need to choose foods that will give you the most nutritional bang for your point bucks. They have a set of "Power Foods" that are the fruits, veggies, whole grains, low fat dairy and such that are the foods that you need to be trying to eat when you are using your points. However, deprivation isn't good for anyone and so you should try to build the foods you love into your life. That is why, with proper planning, I am allowed to have a piece of chocolate after dinner!

So, here is what I am eating this week!!

When I get up I have a scoop of Delicious Greens 8000 with a packet of Emergin-C which is 2 points.

After I get to work, I have a pear at zero points.

About 7am I am having my official breakfast which this week is consisting of a scrambled tofu dish and before you balk listen! I took a zucchini, a squash, an onion, a stalk of celery, 2 big carrots, 1/2 each of a red, yellow and orange pepper and I sautéed them in a little soy sauce. Then as the veggies were getting a little soft I added the crumbled block of tofu, about 1/2 cup of nutritional yeast flakes (which gives everything a cheesy flavor), the turmeric for color, some crushed red pepper flake, some Mrs. Dash and a little Italian seasoning. I mixed it all together and divided it into 5 servings. I am having it with these flax buns with a little Earth Balance. I toast the bun and butter it and then divide the scrambled tofu mixture and load it onto the toast. It is really delicious and filling and totals 8 points. This also covers all the food groups that I need to think about - whole grains, protein and veggies!

For lunch I made Lentils and Brown rice. I cooked them with a little salt and pepper and added some Mrs. Dash and crushed Red Pepper (because I like heat!!) That is 5 points a serving.

For snacks I had an apple sliced up with some peanut butter - 5 points, some mini rice cakes - 3 points, some cut veggies and hummus - 3 points.

For dinner I made a veggie meatloaf at 1 point a slice, some mashed potatoes made with earth balance and Silk creamer - 5 points and green beans - zero points! This allowed me to have 2 points worth of my Valentine's Day chocolate to end my day and still have one point left!!

I feel good, like I got a lot of fruit, veggies, whole grains, protein and still felt satisfied and happy (mostly cause of the chocolate!!). I will be having something similar tomorrow, except that the meatloaf dinner will be my lunch and I think that I am making Black Beans and Rice for dinner with a spinach and strawberry salad with fat free poppy seed dressing - yum!! That will be a 9 point dinner - so pretty good!!

I went for a nice power walk with Smug-Grandma and the babies and played on the floor with the babies and wrestled with my nephew. We laughed until Grandpa peed her pants! It has been a good day and if Smug-Baby would finish playing and get tired here soon it would be a pretty perfect day all around!!

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  1. i always forget you're a vegetarian so I'm reading all of this and thinking where is the bacon and chicken? LOL I usually eat chicken recipes every night and like you I try to plan out my week so I don't stray or get tempted by other things.