Thursday, February 3, 2011

What To Do, What To Do!

I just found out that I am "off" on Friday. I was already off on Thursday, but now I'm off on Friday as well!! I still have to do my 6am-10am shift both days, but I don't have to take care of Gramps or babysit for Smug-Niece, so my whole day - no, make that 2 whole days have just opened up!!

As soon as she told me this, I was filled with visions of sitting on the couch eating brownies and watching trashy TV and sleeping a lot and then, reality entered my head and all those thoughts faded into smoke. With a little baby in your life lazy days are a thing of the past. Sleeping in is a laughable notion that you barely remember. So, what will I do with my time "off"??

I need to clean out the fridge - there are things growing in the crisper drawer that may take on a life of their own if not handled soon.

I need to do house cleaning - this seems to need to be done every single week, I don't understand!!

I need to wash the toys that I bought for Smug-Baby at the twice yearly consignment sale. The next sale (held 6 months after the one when I purchased said toys, is happening in 3 weeks!) On a good note, once washed, I can wrap them up and just give them to her for her birthday :)

I need to spend a little time filing paperwork and doing some general cleaning in the downstairs room. everything that we end up moving from upstairs in an effort to baby-proof just gets tossed in this room and I need to pack it into totes until Smug-Baby learns about not touching.

I need to balance the checkbook, pay bills, make menus and a grocery list - again, like every damn week I have to keep doing this over and over!!!

I would like to go to Capt. Party and maybe AC Moore to scout out birthday party supplies and maybe get a cool cake pan. I need to start baking a couple of cake recipes that I will feel comfortable letting Smug-Baby play in at her party. I want her to have that classic baby experience and take all the video and pictures like the cliche new parent!! I don't care if it is cliche, I want it!!

On that note, I did make a dairy free, gluten free brownie this afternoon and OMG were they fabulous!!! I am going to try a few other recipes too and pick the best one to be her birthday cake. I will probably make two, one for everyone to eat and another for her to play with and squish and whatever. I just want to make sure that I make it from scratch, because I want to control the amount of sugar and oil and I don't want her first taste of something sweet to be junk from a box!!

I am just so excited to have some time off do get some of these things done that I have been putting off and I also think that I will try to be lazy when Smug-Baby naps so that I won't feel all stressed out at the end!! I have a White Collar to watch, so I could eat some dairy free brownies and watch that and pretend that I am a swinging single without responsibilities for about 40 minutes and that should be enough to remind me of how much I love my life just as it is!!!

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  1. That White Collar episode was awesome...particular the part when Neal needed to change shirts, I kept having to rewind cause some reason my ears weren't hearing what they were saying! I don't know what was wrong!