Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Dairy Woes

I have been off dairy completely for several weeks now and lost weight and felt better than I have in a long time. Smug-Baby has also improved and her cough was almost gone and her nose had stopped running.

I went into the WW meeting on Saturday and had lost 3.2 pounds. I was so excited and happy about the progress! This makes 19 pounds lost since I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so I was totally happy!!

Then I decided to celebrate this success by eating cupcakes at Smug-Baby's party and having a waffle (made with milk) and a potato cake (cheese) for breakfast Sunday. The whole self sabotage thing is really getting old and I felt sick as soon as I finished eating the waffle. My stomach rumbled all day and I felt sluggish and sick most of it.

To add insult to injury, Monday when we were off, I made Pot stickers which are fried and ate about 20 of them. I am not kidding, I had to have eaten about 20 all by myself!!

I really feel like the dairy thing is as addiction. I spent all day Sunday, even after feeling lousy, thinking about dairy foods. Craving Taco Bell or pizza or a thick cheese sandwich or ice cream. All I could think about was foods with dairy and how much I wanted to eat them. I kept trying to find a justification, like "Well, I've already blown it for today, a little more won't hurt" or "I should eat a little dairy to see if Smug-Baby is still sensitive" and "Maybe a little dairy would help Smug-Baby build a tolerance"

I did fight my cravings and remained dairy free for the rest of the weekend and Monday and now that I am back to the normal schedule, I am feeling better and not having to fight the urges as much. But the whole incident/setback has made me realize even more how addicted I really am. Not was, because one little slip and I am back to square one.

Not to mention even that Smug-Baby's cough if back in full force, her nose in running like a faucet and she is cranky and crying all the time. I could try to explain it away as something else, but I know in my heart of heart's, that I caused her setback by giving in to my own cravings.

I have to be stronger than this!! I will keep losing weight despite setbacks and I will kick this dairy thing once and for all!!

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