Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Day

As you know I have been working on organizing various areas of my house, cleaning things out and making sure all that misc. clutter finds a home. Well, today I finished in the kitchen! This means two things: First, that the largest project in the upstairs is complete now and second, I only have the bathroom drawers to finish tomorrow and then everything I wanted to do upstairs is finished. I actually think that I may be able to finish the downstairs over Thursday and Friday too and then all these little clutter projects will be complete and I will only need to work to maintain. I am really pleased with the progress I have been making!

I even made a salad, corn chowder and granola today too so I feel really productive! I still have some phone calls and e-mails that I need to get caught up on but that isn't going to happen today. Smug-Baby has been as patient with my working as she is going to be and now it is time to get down on the floor and play with dolls and bears and read some books.

Tomorrow is the Spring Party at the library so I think that I will take her there and try to wear her out before nap time and while she is sleeping, I'll knock out those bathroom drawers and work on a diaper or two (I am still trying to refresh all my cloth diapers before Little-Smug arrives and it is a really slow process).

The salad and chowder turned out well and the granola is tasty, however I intended them to be granola bars and they are not staying together at all, so it may be more like trail mix granola instead. I got a craving while I was cleaning out the pantry and re-discovered all these nuts and seeds and things like coconut, wheat germ, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews and pecans. I also used up the dates and apricots that I had on hand, and the result is really good. Smug-Baby likes it too!

I sometimes dream about the days when I am not getting up so early to go to work and the routines with the new baby and Smug-Baby have settled into a rythem and I can spend time baking bread and trying new recipes. I remember making granola with my mom along with bagels and donuts and everything else under the sun. I have actually made my own bagels before and they were really good, and since I normally have everything I need to make them, it will be cheaper than buying them. I love being in the kitchen and I want to get back to that someday. I have no illiusions that it will really be anytime soon, but with not working on my horizon I feel like I may actually do it someday!

I got several of the ingrediants for making my own household cleaners in the mail today and I am looking forward to making up some batches of stuff and seeing how they work. I still have some of the conventional stuff, but I think that I would really like to give it away or sell it or something. As I have read more and more about the reasons to make your own, I am feeling aprehensive about continuing to use all these chemicals and I would really just like to get them out of the house and away from Smug-Baby's increasingly dextarious fingers!! I certainlly don't need to be inhaling them either!! I don't really want to throw them away, but maybe I can find someone who would like them...

My boy is kicking me and Elmo is over, so I am going to go drink a big glass of water and lay on the floor while my child climbs me :) Have a nice evening everyone!!

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