Monday, March 19, 2012

Slowing Down

I can feel it slowly happening. I am getting bigger. I am more tired. I am moving slower and getting less done with more discomfort. It must be the third trimester!! While I am really happy that June is fast approaching and I will soon meet my son face to face, it is hard to see all these things that I want to get accomplished before his arrival and not have the energy or will power to make myself do them. None of the projects are huge in and of themselves and doing one each day is really not outside my ability, and yet I find days passing with nothing getting done. I feel like I am settling somehow. I am doing what I have to do during the day, but mostly I just want to be reading and sitting on the couch with Smug-Baby and not doing much at all.

This weekend was lovely and Smug-Hub and I worked together to get the house cleaned (finally, its been like weeks and weeks!!) and grocery shop. I would like to keep the momentum going and try to get a few small things done tomorrow (Monday) to get started on these projects! I have a feeling that as these last 12 weeks (or so) pass, I feel up to doing even less, so it's kind of now or never!

I mentioned this lethargic feeling to my yoga teacher at Friday's class and she said that Mercury is in retro-grade and that is making everyone feel overwhelmed and lethargic. Good to know there is a logical reason :) I heave heard other people taking about feeling like time as sped up and days are shorter and hours are shorter so maybe there is something to it.

I want to do the following this week:
1) install the new baby's car seat
2) clean up the downstairs room (again)
3) finish the laundry
4) clean off the tops of the fridge and cabinets in the kitchen
5) organize Smug-Baby's white shelf
6) make batches of most used household cleaners for use in the coming weeks
7) make appointments for body treatments that I have gift cards for (why in the world would someone put that off?!?!?)
8) pack up most of the long-sleeved maternity clothes (and sweaters and other really heavy stuff)
9) make up a grocery list for the items I need to make the freezer meals
10) take a load of junk from the garage to the dump

That's not that big of a list and two items per day will finish it before the weekend!! Monday will tackle the laundry and the downstairs room and I will get things done!! I will keep on a schedule!! Unless I get too tired of course...

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