Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Monday was overall a really good day. I decided that skip Melody Makers thinking that since Smug-Baby had suffered a setback on Sunday it would do us good to spend more time at home concentrating on getting to the potty.

When we got home, I suggested that she try to use the potty and she did! She carried the pot to the toilet and emptied it, flushed and loudly waved bye-bye to the pee-pee's!! It was wonderful! About 15 minutes later, she peed on the floor :(

I took her pants off and just tried to suggest that she use the potty about every 30 minutes. This worked really well, because I have to pee about every 20-30 minutes anyway, so I would just tell her that I was going to try to get the pee-pee's out and she should too. Almost every time she would pee in the potty and we would repeat the flushing and waving procedure! It was wonderful!!

She did wet while she was napping and that was upsetting to us both as she has stayed dry during her naps before, but that was fine. We cleaned up and she peed a few more times on the potty. We went to visit my dad and step-mom (she just had hip replacement surgery) and twice Smug-Baby grabbed herself, said potty and was able to hold it until I got her upstairs to the bathroom and her pants and underwear pulled down. I was so proud!!

Once home, she did pee on the kitchen floor and didn't even tell me about it. I actually saw it later after she was off playing in the living room, so I don't know what that was about. She peed the rest of the evening in the potty, there were even a few times throughout the day when she went potty without my prompting her, so I think that she is really starting to get the concepts!

When daddy got home he asked her about going poopy and she said no, but while I was helping him wash dishes in the kitchen, in she comes carrying the pot full of pee and poop!!! She got a cookie on that one!!! Daddy was so pleased and her face just lights up with pride when we make a fuss over her!!

In the middle of the night, she woke twice. Smug-Hub took her both times, the second time he got me up as she had soaked through her diaper. He told me that when she woke the first time she had said "potty" but wasn't really awake enough for him to take her and he had just soothed her back to sleep. This is something I was thinking about, sometimes she is awake during the night, just her normal sleep issues, but we don't let her get out of bed, saying that she has to stay in bed until it is light out. We felt like this would keep her from waking up and wanting to go play and thus establishing a habit of night waking, but if she is waking because her bladder is telling her to go to the potty, how can we keep her from getting up and going? I guess it is just something that we will have to play with over time to see what works.

After we changed her diaper and put on clean PJ's, I just brought her into bed with us. It was already after 3 and I had to get up for work soon and really, I love having her in bed with us. I love the closeness and cuddles and I feel better leaving her in her daddy's arms rather than all alone across the hall. Especially since with his CPAP mask on, he can't hear her when she wakes.

Now, I am up and ready for work with a few moments to spare! I think that we will try story time today since it is shorter and the bathroom is in the same room where we meet and see how it goes. Wish us luck!!

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  1. Potty training is horrible lol I will say that if they're not ready it takes forever. I waited til both girls were 3. It took less than a week for both. No accidents. No wet beds. Totally worth it.