Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sick Day

I took a sick day today. I wasn't sick and neither was Smug-Baby but my instincts told me that something was off and she needed me today. I can't really put my finger on why and what was going on with her, but she took a 3 hour nap which is almost unheard of and she spent the day pretty much curled up in my arms, so I know that my mothering instincts were dead on and I was right to stay home with her.

When she woke up this morning and saw me still in bed with her, her whole face lit up and she giggled before cuddling in close for morning hugs and kisses. Then we got up and make pancakes! I made them with Bisquick like normal, but then I added some cooked Cream of Wheat that I sweetened with some sugar and vanilla. This gave the pancakes a creamy texture and Smug-Hub said that he liked them better than the normal way. Smug-Baby liked them too as she stuffed all of her nicely cut pieces into her mouth at once and asked for more :)

After breakfast, I got her dressed and we waved good-bye to daddy as he headed off to work. After that we spent the morning on the couch watching Sesame Street and cuddling. Every once and a while she would pop off the couch to get something to play with or her water, but it was always short lived and she would climb back into my lap for more cuddles. I meant to do a few things around the house - fold the sheets, wash diapers, straighten up a bit - but I didn't I just stayed on the couch with her.

At noon I laid her down for her nap and was again going to get some stuff done, but instead I laid down myself and napped for a bit. Then I had some lunch and watched some TV. I don't know how long Smug-Baby would have slept, but at 3 she was awoken by the doorbell. Someone was there asking me to sign for the delivery on my phone book. Since I have access to the Internet, I don't have need of a phone book and I turned her away, but the damage was done and Smug-Baby was awake.

She woke up happy and ready for more cuddling. Smug-Grandma called and we decided to try to get in a walk before the thunderstorm so I finally got myself dressed and Smug-Baby and I found our shoes and headed to the Greenway. We walked for about 45 minutes and while it wasn't sunny it was nicely warm. However, Smug-Baby kept curling her body up and to the side in her stroller and closing her eyes - another indicator that something wasn't quite on spot with her.

After the walk, Smug-Grandma went with us to the library. I had a few items to pick up and Smug-Baby loves to play in the children's area. Today however, she sat on my lap most of the time and only warmed up to playing with the blocks and trains after about 30-40 minutes. Since we are there a few times a week and she doesn't normally need a warm up period, I am taking this as another sign that she wasn't feeling 100%. Added to all this was that she didn't want to walk, but to be carried around and would lay her head on my shoulder and curl her body into me. Yeah, something was just off a bit with her.

When we got home, I started dinner and Smug-Hub arrived home. We all ate together and Smug-Baby finished her meal with some Yo-Soy Yogurt which she really liked while Smug-Hub and I split the last Snickers Ice Cream bar behind her back! Then we got all of us ready for bed and I am blogging while Smug-Baby jumps all over her daddy and he feigns pain and suffering!!

It was a really good day overall and I enjoyed being able to drop everything and just hold her all day because it seemed like that was what she needed and I want to always give her what she needs. Tomorrow is going to be busy both at work getting caught up but at home too making up for my day of playing hooky, but it was worth it to get in all those cuddles! I have a feeling that she won't want to spend a whole day in my arms much longer!!

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