Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Son

I am starting to really get excited about meeting my son in a few months. I think that realizing that I have begun the third trimester really served to wake me up about this pregnancy. I have spent most of this pregnancy thinking about Smug-Baby and living my life and in the back of my mind was the only place left for this little man. I have been busy and overwhelmed with the basics of life and have had trouble connecting with this baby from the start.

When I started my weekly yoga classes it helped to give me some focused time to think just about this baby, but that was about it. An hour every week to think about this little life growing inside me!

But now he is moving around a lot more and making his presence known! I am feeling more and more pregnant and large and huge and tired and all that stuff now, but I am also thinking about him more and more. I am imagining his birth, his first few days of life, nursing him and holding him and looking into his eyes. That is one of my most treasured things in my life - looking into Smug-Baby's eyes. Connecting with her and focused totally on her. I have done it since I first held her and I do it every day now. I want to connect with her soul to soul and looking into her eyes seems to do that. Just smiling at each other makes me feel totally connected to her and I am looking forward to forging that connection with my new Little-Smug!

I have made a list of all the stuff around the house that I want to get done before he arrives and made a small dent in it today and have high hopes for tomorrow. I think that if I can knock out two small things each day, I can have the list completed by the end of the weekend. Then I need to focus on the last few things that I want to do, like putting food in the freezer, baking cookies for my nurses and packing the hospital bag. I am getting ready and I am looking so forward to being his mom and I am so excited to see what Smug-Baby thinks of him!

June better hurry up and get here, this mama is getting excited!!!

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  1. He'll be here soon!!!! So exciting. We are done having kids but one moment I'll always miss is nursing my newborn.