Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Jumping Bean

This little man is so much more active than Smug-Baby ever was. I am worried that he will leap from my womb and never stop running around!!! :)

He tends to get very active at night when I am laying down. He appears to love kicking (punching?) his sister when she is pressed up against my belly falling asleep. It doesn't seem to keep her awake, so I am not worried about it, however I do wonder if he is just getting a head start on the sibling rivalry or just likes being close to her and can only show it with kicking.

He seems to totally stop moving whenever I call Smug-Hub over to watch or feel this little man's acrobatic routine. I wonder if this means that he is being still listening for his papa or if he doesn't want daddy to get an idea of just how active he is going be.

I am getting so excited about meeting him and I can hardly wait to see what he looks like and kiss his little face. Things are so different this time around, somehow its like knowing what Smug-Baby is and how we feel about her, makes this little guy feel so much more real. I know that this is really odd for me to say since until recently I kept forgetting I was pregnant and was worried because I wasn't feeling the bond with this baby. We have been back and forth over his name whereas with Smug-Baby we knew her name before we even conceived.

I have had a hard time picking out clothes for him or even working to prepare space for his things, like his arrival isn't imminent, then all of a sudden I connected and now I can't stop thinking about him and rubbing my belly and talking to him and thinking about all that I should do before he arrives!

I know that I have plenty of time left (11 weeks or so) and I don't have that much to do, but I am already feeling that nesting urgency to mark things off the to do list and pack the hospital bag. I know I am on the OCD side of things, and I was the same way during the last trimester with Smug-Baby, but it makes me happy to have connected and be feeling really strongly about this baby because I didn't for so much of this pregnancy.

What will he be like? Will he take to nursing as well as Smug-Baby did? Will he like the sleepy wrap as much as she did? Will he hate baths in the beginning like she did? How will they be similar? How will they be different? I know that every child is different and I am not expecting that he will behave the same way Smug-Baby has, however his arrival isn't quite as daunting to think about having been there before. Wait, maybe it is actually more daunting having been there before...

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