Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting There

I am ready to start making my own cleaning products and I ordered some of the items that I need from and I will get the rest locally. By next week I should have everything I need to start putting some of these recipes together and start cleaning my home in a cheaper, non-toxic way.

I am really excited to put some of these homemade cleaning products to the test and I am getting excited about cleaning!! That is odd isn't it? Excited about cleaning?Who does that?

I spent more time today working on the various projects around the house, but I didn't get much really completed. I have been having more round ligament pain and spent a lot of they day on the couch in pain. Those bastard ligaments suck!! Smug-Hub got home and has taken Smug-Baby to the park to give me a break. I took a hot shower and did some of the yoga stretches that my teacher showed me and I feel slightly better. Of course, it is hard to tell if I feel better from the yoga or because a two-year old isn't climbing all over me!!

I still need to work on the kitchen (cleaning off the top of the fridge and pantry cabinet and organizing the bulk food items) and organize the bathroom drawers, but then the projects upstairs will be complete. I have just been kind of dumping stuff downstairs thinking that once I get to that room I will do all the cleaning and organizing there at one time. It looks horrible at the moment, but with the upstairs looking better I feel like I can handle it.

I made a list of the items I want to take to the hospital for the birth and a list of food items to make and freeze. I also worked on the birth preferences document and made a few phone calls. I am excited to report that I have a massage scheduled for the end of the month and a facial for the first weekend in April!! I am really looking forward to those! I still have other calls to make, but at least I made a dent!

Tomorrow afternoon there is a child safety seat installation at the local fire station, so I will get Little-Smug's car seat installed. I also hope to get the upstairs finished tomorrow, but I will have to see if this pain goes away first!

I think that maybe I am entering third trimester land. You know that place where you start to no longer have all the energy for the stuff that suddenly is really important to get done before the baby comes!!

OK, I only have a small window of non-child time, so I am going to go watch something on TV that Smug-Baby isn't allowed to watch and rest these frickin' ligaments before I become a jungle-gym again!!

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