Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have a headache. By headache I really mean that I feel horrible. I feel sick all over and am having a hard time functioning. If I didn't have a two-year old, I would be in bed with this headache. Migraine? Maybe.

In addition to the headache, I have this low back pain that makes going from sitting to standing really difficult  and painful, sometimes it almost knocks me off my feet when it "twinges". It gets better if I walk around and if I avoid getting up and down, but since potty training requires that I get up and down a lot, (not to mention that long walks, far away from a potty are impossible right now) I end up pretty much staying in pain. It was recommended that I try swimming, but not only do I not have easy access to a pool, what would I do with my child while I am swimming? I have some gift cards for massage, so I may try to schedule one of those soon and see if that helps.

Lastly on my list of current ailments, I have been having some night time leg cramping and it is causing my calves to ache throughout the day. I feel like I am limping along, in pain all day and there isn't anything I can do about it. I can't stop being a parent! There isn't anyone to take my girl for the day so I can just stay in bed and frankly I wouldn't really even want that. She is my responsibility and I love my time with her and I don't want to waste a moment of the one-on-one days we have left!

So where does that leave my complaining, whiny butt?

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