Monday, March 12, 2012

Potty Training Weekend

Friday - Day 1:
We started out the morning by bringing the potty into the kitchen and having Smug-Baby practice pulling her new big girl underwear up and down and sitting on the potty. Right away, I was concerned because the book says to keep the child sitting for a long period of time, like 15 minutes and I was lucky if Smug-Baby would sit on the potty for 15 seconds! Also, the books says to give her tons of fluids, but she would have a sip or two and refuse anything else. I tried full strength juice (normally we water it down for her) and drinking out of "mommy's" cup to entice her, but she wasn't really interested. I wanted her first pee to be in the potty, but alas, the first several were on the floor! The whole day, I got increasingly frustrated as she didn't want to sit on the potty and seemed not to realize that she needed to pee until she was already peeing!!

I was concerned that I had miss-interpreted her readiness and by the last afternoon, she was in tears when I made her sit on the potty and I had a bashed pinky toe (from trying to get her to the potty when a pee flow had started and slammed it into the door frame) and was sore from all the sitting on the floor and the getting up and down so much. I let her take a short nap (she had napped early and since Smug-Grandma was coming to watch her for my yoga class, I didn't want her to be cranky and tired) and when I woke her up, I held her close and sat her on the potty. Within a few moments, she had peed AND POOPED!!! I was so happy! Mom and I gave her cookies and clapped and danced around!! She was so pleased with herself too!! She was squealing and clapping and it was wonderful.

Mom told me that she peed in the potty two more times while I was at my yoga class and she had popped up and said "pee-pees" and ran to the potty both times like she had been doing it all her life! I was so happy! I knew that if she just got the concept of what she was supposed to do and had that "gotta go" feeling a few times she would have it down!

That night, I put her into a diaper for night time and she slept through the night (without waking once) from 10pm until almost 8am!

Saturday - Day 2:
I woke her up about 8am. Normally I would have let her sleep, but I wanted to try to catch the first morning's pee to start the day off on the right foot and I knew she had been asleep since 10 the night before!

I woke her up and cuddled her close and took her right into the bathroom.  I pulled off her PJ's and diaper and set her on the potty, all the while holding her close (just as I had done the afternoon before when I woke her from her nap). She cried a bit as she really wanted to go back to sleep, but as soon as I heard the pee hitting the potty, she perked up and as Smug-Hub and I clapped and danced around, she started to get excited!

The whole day was spent holding her on the couch and watch Shrek over and over and asking her to use the potty every few minutes. She spent some time just sitting on the potty watching the movie or reading books and I was able to straighten up the house and get laundry started. Smug-Hub was working all day, so it was really hard not to have any relief or help. I felt like if she wasn't sitting on the potty, then I couldn't take my eyes off her. She ended the day, with all put 2 pees in the potty and a poop in the potty as well!! I couldn't have been happier!! We followed the same diapering at night as the night before.

Sunday - Day 3:
She woke up at 1, 2:30 and 3:45. Finally at 3:45 I pulled her into bed with us. I was tired! Smug-Hub had fallen asleep without his mask and that kept waking me and after waking three more times with Smug-Baby I was beat! She never went back into a full deep sleep and kept crying out for me, reaching for me and cuddling close. I wonder if she somehow knows that most mornings I leave for work and she was feeling like since she had already had two mornings with me that I was probably going to leave her and she was feeling vulnerable. Regardless, we dozed and cuddled until about 8 (which felt like 7 due to daylight savings time) and then got up and tried going to the potty. She wasn't interested. I let her go naked and a few minutes later, she peed - on the floor. Then she peed on the floor again a few minutes later while I was trying to make her breakfast! It was like she totally forgot everything from the days before!!

Smug-Hub was in a terrible mood as he had hurt his back somehow (he says from sleeping  - what??) and was just totally no fun to be around. I made us all breakfast and tried to get Smug-Baby back on track. I needed to go to the consignment sale as it was the final day and everything was 75% off. I also really wanted to leave Smug-Hub in charge with her and let them work together on the potty training since he was gone for the first two days and he will be with her during the mornings. So off I went!

I found some amazing deals and left with more items than I could carry and spent $45!! I was stoked!! I picked up take out on the way home and when I got there for a potty report, Smug-Hub told me that she had peed three more times on the floor and once in her bed during her nap (she had stayed dry during her naps the previous days).

She seemed totally adverse to sitting on the potty and ended up peeing several more times all over the house. I would ask her to sit on the potty for a few minutes and she would refuse and just start peeing! It was like a total setback!! Smug-Hub was still in his lousy mood, saying that watching her closely was impossible and then turning his attention back to his phone or the TV. He laid on the couch with a heating pad and barked orders at us most of the afternoon - I could have stabbed him in the neck with a fork!!!

Finally, in the evening, she peed a few more times and had her poop in the potty. Once she even popped up from watching TV, said "pee-pees" and ran to the potty. Every time she pees successfully, she carries the potty bowl to the toilet, dumps it (God help you if you try to help her) and flushes, waving bye-bye to the pee-pee's! Its actually very cute! So, I know that she is getting it, but I worry about Smug-Hub's ability to focus totally on her when they are alone together. At one point, I asked him to keep an eye on her while I changed into my pajamas and she climbed onto the coffee table, squatted and peed. I came into the room to see her smacking the pee with her hands while he sat less than a foot away, reading something on his phone! Again with the fork stabbing!!! How could he not have heard her! Maybe not the pee hitting the table, but at least the sound of wet smacking should have alerted him to something being amiss!!!

It took over an hour to get her to sleep tonight and I pray for a nice night where CPAP machines are used and babies sleep peacefully for a few hours!! I have to go back to work and real life tomorrow and I need some sleep!! Remember, I didn't get a nap after last night's short sleep!!

Overall, I am pleased with her progress and I know that it is going to take some time and this time next week may be a totally different story!! I know that Smug-Hub's back will feel better and he will go back to being a good husband and father and I will no longer wish him dead. I know that Smug-Baby will get more and more pees into the potty and I will not have to watch her as closely. I know that it will all happen, but right now, I am exhausted!!

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