Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GCB - Review

There is a new show on ABC called GCB, which I think stands for Good Christian Bitches, but I'm not for sure on that.

I thought it looked like it might be funny and I read that it was made by the same people who put together Sex and the City, so I wanted to give it a chance.

We are several episodes into the series now and I have to say that I have mixed feelings about it!

The show is about Amanda, who has recently lost her husband (who died in a car accident while making an attempt to flee as the authorities were about to arrest him for fraud. Also in the car is Amanda's best friend who causes the accident by trying to "entertain" the man while he was driving). The Marshall's seize everything and Amanda is left with no options except moving home to Dallas and in with her mother. She seems to have left Texas with her high school boyfriend (the now dead husband) when she got pregnant as a teenager and hasn't seen her mother since. Amanda was apparently a horrible, mean bitch in high school and everyone in Dallas is still holding a major grudge.

There is Cricket, who is in a happy marriage with her gay husband. They have a deep friendship and a great partnership. Cricket hates Amanda for stealing a high school boyfriend (again, the now dead husband) and even though she is happy and successful now, is holding on to all the past hate.

There is Sharon who is a slightly overweight (normal to you and I, overweight to everyone else on the show) housewife, who is stagnating in her life. Always trying to please everyone all the time. I think she hates Amanda because everyone else does and she needs to belong and be friends with these women.

There is Heather who is still single and comes around to see that Amanda is not the same person she was in high school pretty quickly. She is also the butt of jokes and ridicule from the other women because she has yet to "find a man she can hold on to."

Lastly, there is Carlene, played by Kristin Chenoweth who I started loving when she was on Glee. She has an amazing voice and was the main reason this show caught my eye. Carlene is Christian is all the ways that give Christan's a bad name. She quotes scripture at every turn to prove that her mean, vindictive, hateful behavior is fully justifiable. She was the butt of many of Amanda's pranks in high school, but is now happily married, rich and, thanks to plastic surgery, beautiful. But, again, hates Amanda with passion.

These women are heavily involved in the church, much to the pastor's dismay and often run off on tangents that don't follow any real christian principles. They are insecure despite their beauty, wealth, happy marriages, children and careers.

So what do I think of this show?

Good: It's funny! There are some laugh out loud scenes and some chuckle scenes and overall I enjoy watching it.

Bad: There doesn't seem to be any overarching plot. Each episode is fairly self contained. There is the theme that everyone seems to dislike Amanda, but other than that... It also seems to be more about making fun of Texas and these women than anything else. While funny, I can't imagine this is a fair representation of people living in Dallas. However, I have never been to Texas, so I guess I could be wrong on that. I would be interested to know what people living in Dallas think of the show. I also have a feeling that Christan's will take offense to the representation of their "people" in this unflattering light, but I personally think its great to highlight some of the hypocritical behavior that people often do using their religion to hide behind.

Perhaps that is the point of this show. To bring our attention to the ways in which we judge and hold grudges and hurt people all while thinking that we are being true to our faith. That phrase "what would Jesus do?" is something that I think more people, myself included, need to think before they act or speak more often!

I can't really make up my mind about this show. On the one hand, it is enjoyable and funny but I keep looking for the deeper plot. The dead husband to resurface. One of the husband's to pursue Amanda. Something!! Perhaps that will come later, but right now it just is what it is... Christan's being horrible to each other...

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