Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Morning

I am just not feeling very good at the moment. I am tired and feeling blue. Yesterday was really tough with Smug-Baby because I screwed up her nap and she only slept about 30 minutes and she needed like another hour. Not to mention, I was tired and needed that time to nap myself, instead she slept in the car while I raced out to Smug-Hub's work to take him his wallet because he had left it in the car. Smug-Baby woke up as I was pulling into the driveway at home.

She was a mess the rest of the day! Nothing went her way and everything caused major meltdowns. She wanted the cake pops I made for Easter, but I had taken them into work to get rid of them and she was VERY upset that I couldn't produce them for her. She wanted a potato and then I put it in front of her and she cried. She wanted cereal until I poured it into a bowl and then she collapsed into a puddle on the floor, crying. She would not allow me to fold the laundry, taking every folded item and throwing it back into the basket or having a meltdown when I pulled an item out of the basket.

It was a potty accident free day so that was a plus, but getting her to go was sometimes hard and she would cry and tell me she was all done as the pee was coming out. I know that she was just tired and as much as I tried to get her back to sleep, she wasn't able to so she was just on a hair trigger to beat all hair triggers and it was exhausting!!

She crawled up on the couch about 5pm, laid down and fell asleep. While I was happy that it was quiet I knew that I couldn't let her sleep and after about 10 minutes I got her up and the crying started all over again. I finally got her to put some clothes on and we went out for dinner. It was actually nice and she was really well behaved so I think those 10 minutes of sleep really did help her.

The evening was another struggle to get us both ready for bed but she fell asleep by about 9:30 and I straighted up the house for about 5 seconds before giving up and going to bed myself.

I woke several times in the night with cramps, low in the belly and only on the left side. They would ease and then come back but were not really like a contraction, just a cramp. Like I was going to start my period soon kind of cramps, except that when I am going to start my period, those cramps stay and these would come and go. The baby kept moving around and I am not having any bleeding or anything so I am fairly sure that nothing is really "wrong" but they were/are uncomfortable and I found it hard to sleep.

The other thing is that both Smug-Hub and Smug-Baby didn't come into the big bed until after 3am. Which means that I was all alone in the big bed and I HATE sleeping alone!! Smug-Hub told me that he had folded all the laundry which was wonderful (there were 5 loads) and I don't know what time he got home, but still... I didn't get married and have children to sleep alone and if he had been in bed with me I could have asked him to rub my back or I could have leaned against his warmth and maybe eased my cramps. As it was, I was just alone and in pain and uncomfortable and tired and couldn't sleep.

Once they came to bed, I felt better and wrapped myself around Smug-Baby until it was time to get up. Of course I hadn't been really asleep since 1am, but fell asleep promptly as soon as they were with me, just in time for the lovely alarm to ring!! Now, I am tried and my eyes ache and I feel cramp-y and sad and just off! I wish that I didn't need to go to work today, I need to save my vacation time and get it paid out when the lay-off takes effect and I have a project that I'm working on that HAS to be completed this week, so I have to go.

I wish that I had the option of just a few hours today of time to rest. I hope that Smug-Baby is able to nap normally today and I can nap with her. I have a chiropractor appointment right after work this morning and that should help and we need a few things from the grocery store, but other than that I should be able to spend the day playing with Smug-Baby and getting my feet up and perhaps that will help the cramps. I don't know...

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  1. Well you ARE whinning lol. You have reason though because Mary is now at that age where nonething will make her happy. I'm happy that cat nap helped. Look at the brighter side....Smug-Hub got the laundry done and that's one thing less you have to do today. PLUS he kept Smug-Baby content and you where able to enjoy some hours alone that you needed AND you got yo still sleep nestled together. I think it was a good. You just being a spolied Smug-Mommy lol. Hope you feel better soon!