Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today kicked my butt!! The day started with Smug-Baby coming into our bed at 1am and my not really getting back into a deep sleep and her getting up for good when I did at 5am. I hate when she is awake when I leave for work for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I hate to leave her and hate to have her cling to me, not wanting me to go and me having to go anyway. Granted, this has gotten better since we started having her wave to me from the front door, but I still really hate leaving her! Secondly, when she is up that early, it throws off the whole day as far as her mood and nap schedule. If she ends up falling back asleep (which Smug-Hub works hard to accomplish since that means a bit more sleep for him too) then she isn't tired for her nap at her normal nap time and if she doesn't nap at her normal nap time and naps later than we are in for a long evening as she isn't ready to go to bed for the night at the normal time either. It's not a good cycle!

Anyway, after work, which was fine, I met up with Mom for a quick morning walk before the rain. We ended up deciding to walk over to a friend's house and walk with her for a bit, but it ended up being too long of a walk and Smug-Baby was really restless and I was really sore and achy by the end of it. We stopped by the library that is on the way back to Mom's house so Smug-Baby and I could pee and while Smug-Baby was out of the stroller, running around and happy to be free and mobile, she ended up taking off running right toward the busy street. Mom and I both chased her and Mom, being less weighed down by a baby belly, grabbed her. Smug-Baby threw a fit and wanted to be put down, but I was so freaked out that I held her really tightly for a long time and talked to her about running away from me before strapping her back into the stroller. She was crying the whole time, she just wanted to have some play time, some time to run around and stretch her legs! Mom and I agreed that we had made an error in taking a walk so long and walking before Smug-Baby had been able to have some play time and a nap.

On the way home, Smug-Baby looked really tired and seemed to even doze a bit in the car for the last 5 minutes of the drive, but once home she was fully awake and hungry for lunch and totally uninterested in napping. I fed her lunch which was leftover Indian Shepherd's Pie from Peas and Thank You which was really good and Smug-Baby ate a full plate! We followed that up with some granola and soy milk and she even ate a container of soy yogurt, so she must have been really hungry! I figured that she would be full and happy and getting tired so we laid down again. I was really feeling sore and ached all over from the long walk so I wanted her to sleep so I could do the same. Alas, she was still unable to fall asleep. I shut the bedroom door and laid on the floor with my eyes closed while she played with every toy within reach. I got some rest, she played and we were both fine with that. After about 30 minutes she had to pee so we were up again and I began trying to get my work tasks for the day done.

I needed to spend at least 30 minutes working on the downstairs room since I didn't do anything on it yesterday and I only have tomorrow to finish it up since I need to spend all day Friday working on the food items I have to make for the family Easter celebration on Saturday. I had hoped to do this work while Smug-Baby was sleeping since there are lot of things down there that I don't want her getting into, but since she wasn't sleeping... Even with her getting into everyting I ended up getting a lot done and really only need Smug-Hub to pull out some empty totes for me (they are on a high shelf in the garage) to pack up the winter coats and clothes and work on the desk area and I should be able to do that during nap time tomorrow (if she takes a nap tomorrow).

I also needed to make deviled eggs and potato salad for dinner tonight. My brother and his girlfriend were supposed to come over about 6:30, so I worked on that while Smug-Baby played on the back deck. I love that she is able to do that now, play with only little supervision. While she prefers (and so do I really) to play with me, it is nice that I can give her a watering can and she can "water" the plants on her own for a bit. Finally, she had played enough and needed some mommy time so we turned on the TV and sat down. This was about 4pm and she was zonked out asleep in like 5 minutes! GREAT! Now, she sleeps!

I let her sleep for about 45 minutes until I realized that I needed to make a run to the grocery store for a few items I had forgotten for dinner and I needed to pick up books from the library, so I woke her up and man oh man was she PISSED!! She cried and flailed for a good 20 minutes! Wonderful!

We went to the library first and on the way to the grocery store, my brother texted me to say that they had found a little abandoned puppy and had been at the vet all day getting him checked out and weren't going to make it to dinner after all. Since I figured we were no longer having company, we didn't need those few items from the grocery store, so I headed home and finished getting dinner ready about the time Smug-Hub got home.

I have to say that while I didn't really expect that dinner with my brother would actually happen and I did my best not to get my hopes up, I was really disappointed and have felt really depressed all evening. I think that it had to have been the pregnancy hormones, because this is really typical of my brother and I wasn't really planning on him coming anyway. I guess in the back of my mind, I was hoping that I would be pleasantly surprised.

We had dinner and while I cleaned it up Smug-Hub and Smug-Baby took some potato salad and deviled eggs to my Step-Mom so it was nice to work on the kitchen without interruption and I even had a few moments to sit on the couch with my book before they got home! Once home, Smug-Baby and I took a shower and got all ready for bed. It's Smug-Hub's night to get her down, so they are playing and I am blogging before heading to bed. I am really beat! I hope that I sleep well and long!!

It wasn't really a bad day by any means, just didn't unfold as I had hoped, but really who's day does? Tomorrow I need to finish the downstairs and clean the bathrooms, dust and run the vacuum (it's my half cleaning week) so that I am free to spend my day cooking on Friday. I have a feeling I am going to need all that time :)  

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