Tuesday, March 22, 2011

13 Months

Today Smug-Baby is 13 months old. I almost let it pass without thought because I have been preoccupied with Gramps and it will actually post the day after her official day, but whatever... So, what is new about Smug-Baby this month!?!?!

She is finally trusting herself enough to walk without any assistance for small distances around the house. She is still very hesitant to walk alone in other locations and still wants to hold my hand when she is surrounded by strangers. This has all happened within the last two weeks. It started with wanting to walk laps around the house holding Smug-Hub or my hand and she held on with a death grip! But she wouldn't walk around away from home. She was too scared. Then suddenly, she wanted to walk when we were in public, but would stop dead still if a stranger came into view. Then she was over that and would walk around as long as she was holding our hands.

I feel that the days of her being afraid to let go of me in public are numbered!

She is also saying "ice" for food. Smug-Hub got her hooked on ice and she loves the cold slippery feeling and for a while she wasn't interested in anything else in the way of solid food. That has changed and she now loves trying new foods! But, she does still call everything "ice"!! I am trying to get her to say "bite" when she wants something but ice seems to be stuck :)

She likes mashed potatoes, she likes green beans, peas, broccoli, apples, loves banana, she will munch on crackers, bread and cereal, but that is to a lesser extent. I am finding it hard to eat something myself without sharing with her and since I only want her eating healthy foods, I am having to make better choices myself!

She holds her arms up to you when she wants to be picked up and mouths the word "up", but the only part with is really audible is the "p", it is really cute!

She says hi and waves to everyone and she even stops and looks back and people as we are leaving to wave before walking out.

She reached for the bathroom doorknob the other day when daddy was in there and had the nerve to shut the door and keep her out!! I had no idea that she had made the connection between that shinny brass thing and the ability to open the door. She is still several inches from being able to reach it, but she has the connection.

She watches shows on TV with more interest now. It is sad to say, but it is nice to be able to leave her in the living room and run to get the laundry or to pee or grab some lunch without her crying for me or having to take her with me. I hate the idea of using the TV as a "babysitter" but I love that its there when I need it at the same time.

She is starting to get really frustrated with me when she doesn't get what she wants or I don't let her do what she wants. She is still too young to understand my words when I explain why she can't eat dirt or crawl around on the hospital floor, so this is a tough thing. I can't make her understand why it is sometimes OK to crawl around and other times not. Why some items are OK to put in her mouth and others are not. She will arch her back and scream in a little tantrum. Thank goodness, these little episodes aren't too drawn out yet, but I think that we are in for some hard times as she attempts to learn what is OK and what isn't.

Happy 13 month birthday my love. You are always my joy and light and love. It is such a privilege to be your mama and I just hope I am up for the job! Love you!!

UPDATE: Gramps is actually doing better and they are telling us there is reason to be hopeful. He is responding to treatment and Mom tells me that he sat up and asked for a glass of water late last night. He had a good night and got some rest. Things are looking up!!

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