Monday, March 28, 2011


I feel sick. I feel full and sick and my teeth hurt from so much sugar. I made cookies. I didn't just make cookies, I made two kinds of cookies and I snacked on dough and ate about 5 big fat cookies!! I feel horrible right now.

I know that the feeling with pass and I will once again crave cookies and it will probably be like tomorrow morning, but for right now, I hate cookies and I vow never to eat them again.

I am actually feeling excited about getting back on track with Weight Watchers and I have been re-reading Tracey Anderson's 30 Day Method and I want to try get exercise program. I am thinking about getting online and maybe ordering one of her workout DVD's. I have always had a rough time with videos, but they really are my best option until I can get outside.

Which, BTW, may be a while. It snowed today. That's right, it was almost 80 degrees last week and I made the mistake of saying something to Smug-Sister about how we were probably done with coats and hats and probably even done with close-toe shoes. She called me this morning to complain that it was all my fault that she was having to dig coats out of the boxes already packed for moving.

Anyway, I had a loss at the scale Saturday and I wasn't expecting it, so that boosted me up a bit and I want to get back on track and get this last 20 pounds off of me and I then I would like to run into an ex-boyfriend who will be very impressed with my gorgeousness and very sad that he treated me so badly!! Doesn't everyone want that? It so cliche, but whatever!!

So, I think that I will try to follow Tracey's moves from this book and maybe get a video and try that. I really feel so much better when I get some good exercise and I just have to force myself to do the videos or follow the instructions in the book. I have been doing my push ups every day and I am up to 7 full on push-ups and I love feeling like I am getting stronger!!

I spent a lot of time this morning working on the downstairs and I think that it looks really good. Now, you have to understand that there is a huge pile of stuff for the yard sale in one part of the room and another huge pile of stuff that needs to live in the garage, but at least things are in piles and organized. I have a box of paperwork that needs to be filed and a stack of photo albums that I need to find a place for and such, but again, everything is sorted so it is a start.

I am still working on the laundry, I don't understand how three people can come up with so much laundry in just a week!! I am going to deep clean the downstairs bathroom tomorrow after work as the kick-off to my spring cleaning schedule. Tuesday is the laundry room and I started on that some today. Wednesday is the upstairs hall closet and Thursday and Friday are getting ready for the yard sale. I actually need to spend some time each day going through boxes in the garage and choosing items for the yard sale. I think that I will forgo putting the car in there and just start stacking stuff in the middle of the garage until Saturday morning.

I was thinking about getting one of those outdoor buildings for the back yard. Lowes has one for $300 and the lawn mower, weed eater and other outdoor stuff (hammock, etc.) could live there. Then I would like the garage to have Smug-Hub's tools, the Christmas stuff, his fishing stuff and off-season clothing. Everything else should have a home inside (when the bookshelves are done anyway), or get the heck out of there!!

Smug-Hub is not keen on the idea of moving his fishing stuff to the garage or to buying a whole building to house more crap. Which I kind of understand, so I think that I will not go purchasing anything until after the yard sale and spring cleaning are complete. Then we will have a better idea about if we need that extra space or not.

Smug-Hub spent his afternoon pulling weeds and raking leaves. I hate that stuff, so I am glad that he is doing it. I will clean and organize inside and do dishes until the cows come home, but I hate the outdoor work. Not sure why! I'm sure it was from childhood trauma of carrying firewood and weeding and the like!!

So, this post was kind of all over the place, sorry about that! I blame it on my bloated, sick, cookie stuffed self!!! It's all that Cookie Monster's fault, if he hadn't scarfed down the letter of the day, I wouldn't have started craving cookies...

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