Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daylight Saving Time

Normally the "Spring Forward" and "Fall Back" send me into a tizzy. I can't sleep at night and am tired all day. I have, more times than not, really wished that they would finally make the decision to do away with Daylight Saving Time altogether and just let time be time!

This year I was really dreading the time change because of Smug-Baby and this whole sleeping thing, so imagine my surprise when last night (Sunday) she fell asleep promptly at 8:45 (which would have been 7:45 before the time change) and slept all night long. Smug-Hub said that she work about 5:45, but went back to sleep about an hour later for a short nap. She slept beside me all night and woke only twice for nursing.

I personally seem to have adjusted beautifully as well. I had no trouble getting up for work (of course, getting a full night of sleep may have helped with that) and I worked all day without much issue. If this is the result of Daylight Saving Time, than I say lets keep it!!

Both babies were pretty good today, but kind of on a hair trigger. I could sense that both were ready to go over the edge at any moment. Smug-Sister was able to come nurse Smug-Niece to sleep at the same time I was nursing Smug-Baby to sleep and both babies slept for almost an hour and a half and woke about the same time. It was so nice! I held Smug-Baby and dozed a bit myself in the chair and when everyone got up, everyone was all happy for a good while!!

I took the girls and picked up my nephew from school and took everyone over to Smug-Grandma's for a visit and that was nice too. I brought everyone home just in time for Smug-Sister's husband to get home and take over. Smug-Baby and I came home.

We have spent the evening playing on the floor and she helped me make my dinner and ate with me. She is so cute, she wanted to have a bite of my food, but she only knows "ice" so I had some ice for her (strange kid to love ice so much) but she really wanted my burger, so every time I gave her a little piece of burger or bun or avocado I would say "bite" and if she said "ice" I would give her ice and by the end of the meal I think that she was starting to get the difference.

She and Smug-Hub are playing on the floor now and it is getting late. I am hoping that he will tire her out, but they are playing rough and I am nervous that this will make her more wired and have a harder time falling asleep. I am not sure yet how to begin a calming down process and he totally forgets that he is supposed to be calm and soft and read to her and play quietly. He tickles and chases and other typical daddy stuff.

We have been reading aloud to each other in the evenings from "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" and some of her points are making an impression on him and I hope that this will effect some changes in his behavior too. Sometimes I think that he feels like I am just being silly when I make comments or suggestions so it is nice to hear my words coming from an "expert", it gives them validity I guess :)

OK, its time to try to get her to sleep, mostly cause I am really tired all of a sudden!! Let's hope tonight is as good as last night!

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