Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Gramps is expected to make a full recovery. I can't even believe how a matter of hours ago we are making funeral arrangements and the doctors were telling us that he had hours left to his coming out of it and asking for a Coke and if Coke was available then Pepsi would be fine!!

He is scheduled to have an MRI and then an action plan can be put together on what happens next and how we maybe keep this from happening again! It has been a major emotional roller coaster, but one I can't really complain about being on. I am so happy that Smug-Baby and the rest of my family has more time with him!!

Did you know that 4 tablespoons of Silk French Vanilla Creamer only has 2 points? Combine that with no calorie sweetener and I can have a wonderful cup of decaf that is sweet and creamer for only 2 points!!

I haven't been tracking this week like I should and I haven't been eating like I should. I have been in a downward slump for a few weeks now and I am having trouble pulling myself up. With all the emotional upheaval with Gramps and the delays and emotional upheaval with Smug-Sister's move, I haven't been taking care of my home, my family, or my body.

I spent some time yesterday getting the house picked up a bit and some dishes washed, but Smug-Baby isn't feeling well so I spent most of my "free" time playing with her. She chased me all over the house, giggling as she walked on her own around the house in the attempt to catch mommy and then all of a sudden she would burst into tears. I think that this is teething related, but I find it really suspect that I had a bit of dairy over the weekend and all of a sudden she has watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing and coughing. But, she is also having trouble sleeping and drooling and having multiple poos everyday, so those tend to be more teething related.

She woke me up last night whimpering and I kept stroking her head and whispering to her that I was there and everything was going to be OK. She did settle back into a good sleep, but was restless. I wonder if we are in for more of the same tonight. It is hot and I have all the windows open, so I'm sure that I will wake up with more allergy symptoms - fun!!

I feel like I need several days "off" from everything else in my life except my own immediate family and home. I want to spring clean and have a yard sale and get rid of the clutter and dust from every corner of my life. I feel this connection to cleanliness, like I can't focus on getting healthy when my house isn't in order. I am finally starting to get the finances back to a really good place and I want to get the house to a really good, ordered, un-cluttered place. Then I can focus on getting outside on my bike and taking the babies for walks or hikes and focus on my own personal health. It's like not being able to cook in a dirty kitchen. I don't want to cook in a dirty kitchen, so I eat something crappy or eat out. I want a clean kitchen so I will want to get in there are create something amazing for dinner. Apply that to my whole house!!

Maybe I can put in for some vacation time once Smug-Sister is settled and Gramps is settled. Smug-Grandma could help some and I could have several days off to put my life back into order!! That's the rub - when is anyone, anything ever settled??

OK, Elmo is over and my girl needs binky's and to go to bed! Wish us luck!!

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