Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today was tough. Overall it was a good day really. I came home after work and had a couple of hours before I needed to be at Smug-Sister's and Smug-Baby was able to get a nap, so she was in a great mood for the better part of the afternoon.

Smug-Grandma and I took the babies and my nephew for a walk along the Greenway and he and I did all the exercise stations along the way. I can already tell that I am going to be sore in the morning. The problems started when I was heading home. I stopped to take care of Gramps, but Smug-Baby was asleep (finally), so I asked him to bring some water and come down to the lobby. He forgot the water and was really huffing and puffing when he got there, so I felt bad about asking that of him. But, it worked and Smug-Baby stayed asleep until we got home.

That is when the trouble began. She was still tired, but not interested in going back to sleep and I didn't really want her to, because then she wouldn't go to bed at a decent hour tonight. So she just fussed and whined and was clingy. I was so starving that I needed to eat something right away. I opened a few cans of black beans, a can of tomatoes, a jar of salsa and cooked a few bags of boil-in-bag brown rice. All of this while trying to hold her. She would scream and arch her back when I tired to put her in the backpack or on the floor. Even Elmo wasn't holding her attention!!

Anyway, while I was trying to stir everything together in the hot pan, she reached out and grabbed the side of the pan. I jerked backwards and she jerked her hand away, but she felt it and she cried in pain. I felt so bad!! I ran her hand under cold water and nursed her and after it was all said and done, her hand isn't even red or anything, but I feel horrible! The only up side? She didn't reach out to touch the pan again.

I wolfed down some beans and rice and then we played on the floor. This was great except that she was on a hair trigger and if I moved the wrong way and she toppled over hysterics would result! Finally, about 7:30 I started to relax, Smug-Hub would be home soon! Then he texted me that he was just now off the phone and getting ready to leave the office. I was so mad I thought I was going to scream!! He is supposed to get off work at 7, I manage to get out of the office right when I am supposed to, but he works well after the end of his shift all the damn time! Granted, he works on the phones and customers don't really like it when you hang up in the middle of an order just because its the end of your shift, but it still really pisses me off. I count on having his help as she winds down, so I can do things like pee and eat something or take the trash out!!

So, I got her ready for bed and brushed her few teeth and mine and washed our faces before he got home. He took over and played with her and she was totally happy and sweetness and light and he is acting like I have three heads for talking about how fussy she has been. They are rolling on the floor and laughing like nothing was ever wrong! He said that once we go to bed he will take care of the trash and the dishes, so I am taking the time to write this and then my sleep deprived ass is taking this tired child to bed. I don't care if she is acting like she is fine - it's bedtime!!

Just so you know I'm speaking truth!!
Here is a photo of a happy baby from right now:

And here is a few from just two hours ago:

I'm not making it up I swear!!!

Well, that didn't work! Last night, Smug-Hub played with Smug-Baby and I went to sleep, about 40 minutes later I woke to the sound of her screaming. I got up and she nursed and fell right asleep. Aparently, after I went to sleep he found out that I was right about her fussiness! Then we went to bed and she didn't move all night! Not even to switch sides!! So, I am all lopsided this morning, but I slept from 10:30 to 4:30 and I feel pretty good myself!!

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