Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My plan for tomorrow is very ambitious but I think it is doable. I have to stick to my list and work hard during the times that Smug-Baby is sleeping, but I think I can get everything done.

I need to finish going through the boxes in the garage to pull out stuff for the yard sale. The garage floor is filling up with stuff to get rid of. I have been having this internal struggle with myself. I come across things that I have loved and thinking that I want to keep them. Then the other side of myself tells me that if I haven't really missed it or thought about it or looked for it in the 4 years that it has been packed up, then I need to let it go and let it find a home somewhere else. It is hard, but I am doing it! There is more leaving than I am keeping from those "found" items.

I want to finish cleaning the laundry room. This was today's "task" but I spent so much time in the garage, that by the time I got working on the laundry room, Smug-Baby was letting me know she was about finished with her backpack time and I was feeling shaky with hunger. So, I stopped and we both had some dinner and play time. I still need to wash the window, empty the trash, vacuum the rug and go through the cabinet to finish that room.

We are having family over on Sunday, so I need to spend a little time today picking up the house to make it a faster job to clean on Friday or Saturday. It is funny to me that I take a few minutes every evening to try to straighten up the house and when I get home from work it is destroyed! I think that Smug-Baby plays in every room with her daddy during the mornings, so there is stuff strewn all over the place in every single room of the house!! I don't let her pull things out and not put them back, I get her to help me pick things up before we leave a room, but I don't think Smug-Hub has that kind of time in the mornings :)

I also need to wash a load of diapers and strip the diapers Smug-Sister gave me. Can you believe it? She just gave me all her Bum-Genius diapers. They aren't working for her as well as she would like and rather than sell them and make some money, she gave them to me!!! There is probably a couple hundred dollars worth of diapers and she just gave them to me!!! Anyway, I need to let them soak and be washed a few times before I use them so I will do that too.

Tomorrow's spring cleaning task is the hall closet. I am going to pack up most of the winter coats and just leave light jackets and rain coats. The shelf in that closet is where my cameras live and I need to clean that up a bit and download the pictures currently on my SD card. There are some cleaning supplies up there too and I need to get those moved. I don't want them near my camera!!!

I also need to work with Smug-Sister on the menu for Sunday, make menus for next week and a grocery list. I need to wash dishes (let me just say it - I ain't gonna do 'em tonight, I'm tired!!) and I have a BBQ Tofu recipe to try for dinner tomorrow night, so I'll do that too!

See? Ambitious!! I also would like to do a workout video. I have the cardio dance video that came with The Method book, so I want to try to do that today. I can do most of this stuff with Smug-Baby on my back or in the exersaucer and I may have to alternate, but the workout I need to do while she is sleeping. I can't be bouncing around while she is crawling around underfoot. I don't want to kick her or step on her!! I hope she takes a morning nap so I can knock it out - its so easy to count all the housework as my workout and skip the actual workout :)

OK, she is finished with her ice, so I am going to get her in the bath and get ready for bed. I am one tired mama tonight :)

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