Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yes my head is aching like someone has been stuffing it full of packing peanuts and yes my throat is hurting and my nose if runny, but I am not sick. It is simply allergies due to the weather changing and spring coming and that's all it is. I can't get sick I have stuff to do!!

I got my new vacuum cleaner last night. It is the LG Kompressor and it is really cool! It is an upright, bag less that has several on board attachments. The nice thing is that the Kompressor technology turns all the dust and dirt that it sucks up into a firm disk that is dumped in one piece so there isn't that huge dust cloud everywhere when you empty the canister. The attachments are all attached and ready to go at all times, so you don't have to stop, turn off the vacuum, put together hoses and wands in order to say get the corners of a room!

I know is it a little silly to get excited over a vacuum, but I am! I have been using Smug-Grandma's vacuum for a long time now. Which means that I have to meet up with her or go to her house and pick it up, run home and clean, put it back in the car and take it back to her - EVERY WEEK!! Not to mention that it is a canister and we both hate it! The hose gets kinked, its heavy, and it just isn't the kind of vacuum that I like. Also, with Smug-Baby crawling around, I really need to vacuum more than once a week - now I can!!

I was only able to get it all put together last night and I started getting the floor cleaned up so that I could vacuum, but it got late and my darling girl was tired. So, I will not actually be able to test it out until today!

I also purchased a Groupon to have the carpets cleaned and he is coming on Saturday afternoon. We rented one of those steam cleaners from the grocery store when we bought the house, but other than that the carpets haven't ever been cleaned and they are gross! We planned on replacing the carpet with hard wood or laminate when we bought the house, but never got around to it and now that we have Smug-Baby we probably won't get around to it for a while! It will be nice to have them professionally cleaned and then I have the new vacuum to help keep them clean. I also bought a big plastic mat to live under Smug-Baby's high chair, so she will get less food on the new clean carpets! BTW - who puts carpet in a dining room anyway?!?!?!

I have been making a list of all the things that I want to do on the spring cleaning front and having the carpets clean will be a nice start. I want to wash the windows and blinds, organize everything and have a big yard sale (or donate everything to Goodwill). I want to un-clutter everything in my life and spring being right around the corner is as good a reason as any to get it done. That and we might get rid of all these germs we keep spreading around once and for all!

You like that? See what I did? The whole post was about carpet, except for the beginning where I talked about being not being sick. Then I tied it all together with the germ comment at the end. Yeah, I'm clever like that :)

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