Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Love...

I love waking in the morning before the alarm goes off.

I love when Smug-Baby latches on in the night and the sound of her hungry sucking and swallowing, Gulp, Gulp, Gulp.

I love the feeling of my aching, full breast releasing as she empties it.

I love being in between the two loves of my life. Smug-Hub on one side, a big paw tossed over my waist. Smug-Baby on the other side, tucked under my arm, a small, soft paw tossed onto my chest.

I love being able to scoot out of bed without waking either of them.

I love a really super hot shower early in the morning.

I love how calm and quiet and dark the house is when I'm the only one awake.

I love opening the fridge and seeing my breakfasts and lunches all ready to go waiting for me.

I love kissing my family good-bye and watching their faces softened by sleep and hear their soft sleeping breathing.

I love seeing the moon and stars when I walk outside.

I love hearing a really good song on the radio and driving to work with the sound blasting.

I love that the hours at work pass quickly and before I know it, I am looking outside to see that my family is waiting patiently for me.

I love seeing my daughter wiggle and giggle when she sees me coming.

I love walking into Smug-Sisters house and seeing Smug-Niece look up, grin her toothy grin and give me her signature growl laugh that lets me know she is happy to see us.

I love that I spend a lot of my day playing with happy babies.

I love eating a good, hearty, healthy lunch and feeling full and satisfied.

I love taking the girls for a ride in the car and they both fall asleep and I park and read while listening to their breathing.

I love driving home at the end of the day.

I love making a nice dinner for my family.

I love trying a new recipe and finding it is wonderful.

I love watching Smug-Baby when she hears the garage door opening. This is the signal that daddy is home and she is most anxious to get into his arms.

I love the hug and kiss my husband gives me when he first gets home.

I love getting ready for bed. Smug-Baby hangs onto my back (with daddy's help) and watches my every move as I brush my teeth and wash my face. Then we repeat the tooth brushing and face washing on her.

I love when she gives me kisses unprompted.

I love when she rubs her face into my chest to let me know she is tired and wants Binky's.

I love the feel of her little body as she gives in to sleep and relaxes completely.

I love crawling into clean, cool sheets with her warm body next to mine, while Smug-Hub pulls the covers over us, kisses me good night, and tells me how lucky he feels to have she and I as his family.

I love hearing her soft breathing and feeling her occasional sleep-sucking as I drift into sleep.

I love my life.


  1. Very bautiful Ryan you should actually have that published. It made me feel warm. So many people complain about that they don't have and should be happy for what they do. Simply beautiful


  2. This was so beautiful. Your life is def something to be loved. :)