Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Well, I was actually dreading today thinking about how horrible last week was, but it was actually a pretty good day overall.

When I left work Smug-Baby and I went to the doctor for her 1 year check up. This was a very odd visit because the nurse was either an idiot or very drunk! She measured Smug-Baby's length and then charted it and announced that Smug-Baby was very small in the length department. I frowned at her and stated that Smug-Baby was actually tall for her age, so the nurse measured again and calculated the chart again and then announced that she had double checked everything and Smug-Baby was short. I asked her to measure again, because I had noticed that when she laid the tape down, she was starting at the number 1 on the tape rather than the start of the tape. I explained to her that the 1 indicated a full inch so she was getting a larger number than was accurate. She laughed about having a case of the Monday's and calculated again and again announced that Smug-Baby was very short for being 24 months... I blinked a few times before reminding the nurse that Smug-Baby was only 12 months. She laughed about Monday once again, calculated once again and pronounced Smug-Baby in the 75th percentile for her height.

The nurse also announced that Smug-Baby was under weight and anemic, but when the doctor came in, he said that she was in the 25th percentile for her weight which was normal for breastfed babies who tend to be leaner than those on formula because formula has a lot more fat in it. He also said that her blood was showing on the low end of normal but it wasn't anything he wanted to treat with more than making sure that the solid foods we are giving her aren't animal crackers or goldfish, but are things like bananas, beans, oatmeal and green veggies - duh!

I don't know if the nurse was just insensitive or likes trying to scare people or perhaps as I mentioned before she was drunk, but whatever! Smug-Baby is totally healthy and totally normal.

The only thing that really bothered me was that in order to test her blood, they had to do the finger prick. Smug-Baby offered no resistance as the nurse took her little hand and jabbed it with a needle. She yanked her hand back when she felt the prick, but didn't really cry about it until the nurse grabbed her little finger and squeezed the blood out. She cried a few seconds until the band-aid came out and then she was distracted by that. Overall it wasn't bad, but I felt so guilty that she trusted me to protect her and wasn't in any way fearful of the nurse and we rewarded that trust by stabbing her with a needle!! I hope she has forgotten all about it now!

Oh, and the other thing the stupid nurse did was to pull out a band-aid the size of Texas to put on Smug-Baby's stabbed finger. I said something to the effect that the band-aid was huge and the nurse said that they had the little round ones, but she was afraid that Smug-Baby would just pull it off. I told her to use the round one, but stopped short of giving the nurse a lesson on clotting and how if Smug-Baby pulled it off any later than 45 seconds after application it would be fine. Yes, she must have been drunk!!

After the doctor, we headed over to Smug-Sister's place and Smug-Niece was wearing the most adorable yellow spring dress! Her little chunky baby legs and bare feet were enough to make this vegetarian want to take a nibble!! The windows were open and the rain was pattering all around and soon lulled both the babies to sleep. When they were awake they played together for the most part and Smug-Sister had a light day and was able to come help when they got fussy.

When we got home, we played on the floor with the Lego's and blocks and I had the Academy Awards recorded on the DVR so I had that going in the background. We just played and wrestled and tickled for a couple of hours until Daddy got home. Then he took over the playing and I had some food. Smug-Baby just needed to be held and loved. I think she may also be having a growth spurt, because she nursed most of the day and then ate a whole mashed banana with soy milk while playing with daddy. I guess growing all those teeth is hungry work!!

She fell asleep in my arms about 8:30 and I laid her down. Now I am all ready for bed and heading there myself. I have a headache that will not go away! I hope it's gone in the morning :)

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