Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Events!

I got off track last week in my weight loss efforts. I gained two pounds at the meeting this weekend and while I am disappointed, I do understand where I went wrong and how I can avoid another gain next week. However, the problem is that I knew I was eating something “bad” when I was putting it into my mouth, but I didn’t care. I knew that I needed to exercise, but my allergies have been really bad and I didn’t feel up to forcing myself to walk. All that combined for a gain.

I resolved to do better in the coming week and planned out my food for the week carefully, and I counted points all weekend. The thing is that I get tired of all the tracking and counting and thinking about it all the time. I sometimes think that all the thinking about it makes me think that I’m hungry all the time!!

In other news, Smug-Sister and I went to this large consignment sale over the weekend and stocked up on summer clothes for our children. I got so many really cute summer dresses for Smug-Baby!! We also spilt the cost (all $30 of it) on a tandem stroller, so I can take both babies for a walk in the park by myself! I am actually really excited about it and I hope that Monday is warm enough to give it a try. If not, maybe I’ll take them to the mall and walk there. I need to pick up Smug-Baby’s birthday pictures anyway!

Maybe the new stroller will inspire me to get some good long walks in this week! That seems to make the biggest difference in the scales – the walking! I really need for the warmer weather to get here so I can get outside more. I am desperate to get out on my bike and go hiking and such. But while it would be fine for me, who is working up a sweat, the cold wouldn’t be great for Smug-Baby who would be sitting there in the backpack or the bike trailer! So, I must wait!

We got our carpets cleaned this weekend and man oh man do they look nice!! It’s like having new carpet!! I used a Groupon and he offered Groupon people an additional discount on other rooms, so it was only $132.00 for our entire upstairs, the hall and the stairs/entryway area!! It was dry by the evening even with all the rain and did I mention it looks amazing?!??!?

That was it for my weekend, feeling pudgy but with clean carpet and new summer dresses for my girl!! Hope yours was great too!!

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